New DirectTV Genie records 5 shows at once, while serving four screens

New DirectTV Genie records 5 shows at once, while serving four screens.

[newsimage][/newsimage]DirecTV has announced its latest high-end set-top box with DVR capabilities, the Genie.

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So what? Ever heard of the Hopper and Joey from Dish? They’ve been available for several months, and they do the exact same thing, but can record six programs at the same time. It’s funny how some companies get publicity for every not-really-new thing they come out with (Apple and Google for example), and other companies that actually came out with the new device get nothing.

Actually the hopper only has 3 tuners. They count it as 6 by some fancy compression. seems that the prime time channels get compressed into 1 stream. And with that you can record up to 4 more programs from that tuner/stream. But in my house nobody really watches those channels so not much use.

Wow, cough … I can do 7 hd recordings with just 2 tuners. :slight_smile:

Sounds like couches need to be increased too with all that TV watching.

What the Internet really needs to explore is true Downloadability. The ability to download meals, pizzas, etc - all from those commercials that everyone must be so engaged in! THEN the furniture stores can rake in all those extra-large couches and huge chairs with built-in refrigerators. Record 5 channels, order 8 meals from 8 separate commercials! CLICK HERE!

Holy Jabba The Hutt, Batman…