New DeUHD introduces increased ripping speed - Arusoft to sell hardware bundle


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Arusoft today released a new version of its DeUHD Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping software that introduces the last week announced ‘amazing’ speed improvement. First reports indicate the company succeeded in increasing ripping speed more than 3 times. The company also told us it plans to sell bundles of Ultra HD Blu-ray drives with its software.


FYI, I’m ripping “The Neon Demon” right now. (While I never got a reply to my email, I guess Arusoft heard my plea and analyzed my files. Thanks!) Currently at 8MB/s and steadily increasing. I don’t doubt that it could hit 14MB/s, as another user said elsewhere, or even higher numbers. This seems normal considering how other ripping software works when at full speed. It’s a pretty penny, yes, but knowing that unsupported discs do have a shot at support makes me glad I shelled out for the software.

EDIT: So, my LG WH16NS60 topped out at 7 MB/s for “The Neon Demon” after all. I don’t know if the relatively low speed is due to the drive (which has had trouble reading a couple of discs I’ve thrown at it), or the software, or the USB enclosure (doubtful, since it’s USB 3.0, but who knows), or something else. Oh well.


Would you be willing to share the Region, UPC, and SHA1 for the key? I would like to update the list with the information confirming it. Plus, I want to pickup a copy for myself and need to know where to buy it from. It is unfortunately not available in the US.

Edit: Looks to be German (Koch) release. How is the picture quality? Should be pretty fantastic since it is supposedly a 4K DI transfer. Figure I would ask before importing it and being disappointed.

Edit: No HDR. That’s a bummer.


Just posted over on the supported disc list. Am still in the process of ripping but it’s almost done. I’ll edit this post in a bit once I get a chance to poke around.

As for purchasing, I got it from Amazon Germany. Search for “The Neon Demon (4K Ultra-HD)” and it should come up. You can go through too. The final price should be ~US$30 after shipping.

EDIT: Skimmed the disc after the rip. I’m a bit reluctant to say definitively how it looks. My 4K display isn’t calibrated yet and is a bit too bright. On my Macbook Pro, it looks really nice. I can’t easily A/B my Blu rip (included with the 4K disc, so it’s almost apples-to-apples) but this is definitely something I’d show to friends on my 4K set once the display’s calibrated. Too bad the audio is still only 16-bit, though. No reason why it couldn’t be 24-bit. Oh well.


Yeah, I found it. Thanks philwashere. I am sort of on the fence about it now that I know it doesn’t have HDR. Not sure if the resolution is enough of an upgrade over the standard Blu.


Still limited to two discs a day for no reason? I’m following this development and optimistic for enhancing my legally bought and populated HTPC. But two disc limitation is a killer. I do batches on weekends after buying a bunch on sale.


My suspicion is that Arusoft is doing some sort of brute force cracking on their end that limits them to adding ~2 discs/day. It’s in their best interests to add as many discs as they can! I can’t imagine the limit being intentional.


I think you’re misunderstanding the two disc limit. Arusoft doesn’t add 2 supported discs per day. They add support for an unknown number of discs (seems to be ~10-12) every Monday. The 2 per day limit we’re talking about is that any single user of DeUHD is only allowed to process 2 discs (from the list that are already supported) per day. Once those discs are processed, the next day you could process 2 new discs, but also still have access to the previous day’s discs (because all the data is cached on disc already).


Aaah. I didn’t know that. Weird. Oh well. Thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile:


Okay you guys. Using Fabs new UHD Ripper, I took the Passengers .iso and converted it into a 2.1GB file in less than 9 mins. Fabulous quality.


_ am using this LG , LG WH16NS60(internal, recommended) and it works a charm, on an old 3960X chipset with an Asus Sabertooth motherboard and 32gb of DDR3 RAM.


Why would you want to re-compress the data? Does it retain the HDR information? I understand the space savings aspect, but if you are getting 4K into a 2.1GB container than you are sacrificing a LOT of quality.


Strange as it may seem, it looks pretty good on my 34" monitor using PowerDVDUltra 17.


I’m with you @Balthazar2k4. If you’re just gonna massively recompress it, why are you even bothering with UHD discs in the first place?


I’m confused. You used MKV Passthrough as evident from your screenshot. How did you wind up with a 2.1 GB file? AFAIK MKV Passthrough should just spit out the original quality (ie like MakeMKV) in a Matroska container. Shouldn’t it?


Ripping speed on a MSI Apache Pro GE70 2PE laptop,connected to a LG BH16NS55 in an external DeLock usb3 enclosure…with DeUHD…

#17 is out

Still no update on new discs though