New details on LG combo HD DVD/Blu-ray player



I just posted the article New details on LG combo HD DVD/Blu-ray player.

According to a news published at Engadget, the Blu-ray and HD-DVD combo drive recently announced by LG has some unpleasant details not evidenced in the original press release by LG:The new combo…

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Big deal, just give me the freakin movie !


Totally agree, All this add interactive features is used as a hook/marketing tool to entice the happy DVD owner to upgrade. Fact of the matter is My #1 interest in the new next-gen formats boils down to the resolution/sound nothing more. Besides, most likely there 2nd gen Combo drive will fix the shortcomings of this drive. It’s always like this with first gen hardware.


If they didn’t care so much about special features that bored people on Standard DVD’s the picture and audio quality would have been a lot better, ie like the failed superbit titles which were regualarly praised for fine detail and good audio. I remember laserdiscs when the special features where would watching. Now anything is thrown on a disc so marketing can say it is worth buying. I rarely watch the extras anymore after too many boring titles.