New Dell computer unable read data CD-R? Corrupting Discs?



I seem to be having a similiar problem. I also seem to be getting a lot of errors saying that the discs are corrupted even though they worked fine on my old computer. I have a New dell computer with a dvd-rom drive and dvd±rw and i’m getting the problems on both drives. Is it possible that either drive has corrupted the data on the cd? somtimes i can access the data if i get lucky and it will show up. If not it shows up as a blank cd-r?A full cd of data shows up as blank media in both optical drives. can anyone provide further assistance please. I have only experienced this with a CD-R full of music files that i burned off my old computer to use as backup… I dont know if the drive is actually wiping the data, or corrupting it. Will a reinstall of windows solve the problem? any ideas. Thanks,

sorry this is somewhat of a repost, but the last post was a reply in a thread that had a simliar problem as mine… I also want to provide some extra information incase that might help…

The system is a New DELL E521
Windows XP MCE
The DVD-+RW is : TssTcorp DVD±RW TS-H653A


can someone please help me… i want to be able to return the computer if theres no other options. Please i need some help.



if this is a brand new computer, then give the Dell people a chance to fix that. If you had installed other software, then restore the factory loaded installation and see if that helps.



i already spoke with dell and they dont know whats wrong with the drive. They either recommended to exchange the drive or i have the option of returning it within 10 days. My reasoning as of now is that the problem should not occur with both DVD drives, especially scince the discs were both recognized for a little b4 the problems started. I will probably try to do a clean install of windows in hopes of solving the problem> do you have any other suggestions to try b4 i go ahead and do that? Could it be drivers? are you aware of those drives maybe being bad? Could it have to do with teh disks being a certain brand?


can anyone please tell me the maker of the optical drives i have? like are they phillips, samsung, lg?



From your post above:

–> LG

The DVD-+RW is : TssTcorp DVD±RW TS-H653A
–> Samsung/Toshiba

But this won’t help you at all as these drives are specially made for Dell. As they have broken something in the entire system, I would recommend returning the computer.



I ran into this exact same problem and think I was able to fix it. First go through the Dell troubleshooter:

Follow the flowchart, and make sure to select the choice of optical drive can not read disk. Now eventually you should get to a recommendation of removing the upper and lower registers. This actually fixed the problem for me. BUT let me caution you that this could affect other cd/dvd programs on your computer.

What I did was before I removed the entries from my registry, I exported them so I had a backup copy. Then I removed them, rebooted my computer, and now I could read my cd-r disk. I discovered my other programs weren’t working so I double clicked the registration keys I exported to add them back. Rebooted. And now I can read my cd-r and my other programs work too.