New Dealer



we think the most dealers are too expensive!
So thats why we want to step inside the world
of cdr!
We are new and soon we launch our site!

We sell everything , so if you are looking for anything buy your cd’s at us !
We deliver the cd’s after you have send your money! this is always within 7 days!
If we deliver your cd’s after 8 days you get a free cd from us!
quality and service is too important for us!
We deliver only in The Netherland!
Shipping is F5,- without Jewwl cases!

our price :

F 10 , - a cd!

if you buy 5 cd’s or more , you get one cd for free !

you can order now at :

we hope you support us !
If we get too much support we will decrease our price to F7,5 a cd