NEW: DDump Frontend 1.4

Hey all

I don’t know if there are still are some ddump + frontend users out there, but if you are one of the few you might want to know i’ve finaly updated the frontend, its only a small update, but better this then nothing right. :slight_smile:

As always you need the aspi drivers for it to get it working, this can also be downloaded from my site (that is if geocities won’t kill the site because of to much traffic :p).

Anyway, i thought i tell you guys/girls from my favorite site/forum first :bigsmile:

Oh, and before i forget:


Thanks, I love discdump :slight_smile:


Many thanks. Ddump and your frontend were nearly forgotten (not by me) until the first safedisc 2.8 cds appeared.

Has had a major return to popularity though as the ddump/fireburner combo was for some time the only reliable way of copying sd 2.8 protected cds.

In fact, right now I can’t download your new version so I assume that there are plenty of people, who, like me, want it. :smiley:

Thanks guys.

There is btw a small update…

Yeah, i was lazy to test it again after a change that couldn’t possibly cause any problems… well guess what , it caused problems anyway :o :frowning: .

Anyway version 1.4.1 is released :wink:

Lol, i hope all is fine now.

never used ddump and just wondering:
Will this application be useful to me?

I have a liteon 52x burner and Liteon LTD163 DVD-ROM.

Thank you,just dl´d and will try it./gs

DDUMP FRONTEND V1.4 (19-04-2003)

  • added safedisc 2 option

  • fixed default device selection

  • improved configuration checks

  • improved tekst/hints on settings

  • some internal changes

Thanx KBDE, I dunno it’s you who wrote the frontend. It’s very useful and nice, even now I m still using DDump 1.3, hehe.


Cheerz :smiley: