New Daylight Savings law might cause some recorder problems

I just posted the article New Daylight Savings law might cause some recorder problems.

 I'm a big fan 

of Daylight Savings, anytime we can get more hours of sunlight the better. I was
rather pleased when a new energy bill was presented that gave us here in the
U.S. 4 more…

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Considering that some countries manage just fine changing date for daylight savings every year, concerns that this will cause any disturbance are just hilarious. It’s over 1½ year until the law takes effect, any and every system that matters will have been fixed by then. Typically, recorders come with manuals, they’re there for a purpose. The world won’t exactly come to screeching halt because granny misses an episode of ‘Wheel of fortune’. There are real concerns in this world, and there’s dumb crap like this

I’m still pissed about Y2k. Because we had to work in case “anything went wrong”. :c

Well at least if this causes problems with the world economy we could always blame the U.S. once again - I mean first the oil, Iraq and other conspiracies, why not add one more to the list :B (note the sarcasm here) - There won’t be world collapse for a few weeks of extra DST for christsake. :slight_smile:

The article sees that as a possible disaster barely avoided :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, come on! Don’t watch so many Hollywood Catastrophic movies :smiley:

It is amazing the number of people cannot understand Daylight Savings Time. “I get more hours of daylight”. No you don’t. You get exactly the same. If you want to SEE more hours then get up an hour earlier. “The kids have to come home from school in the dark”. So change the school hours and leave the rest of us alone!

I wonder if anybody has thought of changing the time manually at the start and end of daylight savings, which should work the same as for normal clocks etc.

How do you figure daylight savings = more hours of sunlight? Maybe I missed the sarcasm.

…and with such “brilliant thinking” mr Bush has solved the energy crisis! Perhaps this logic works in Texas…not elsewhere

what they should really do is push back earth a bit more from the sun - wouldn’t that make the year a little longer?..:g

law and problems in header are always a tease, but daylight savings is just a breeze. simply go by the ACTUAL time and nothing will ever have to be adjusted. Every year, we have 365.24 DAYS. Why no just compensate digitally and NEVER have clock set back/forward times? Calendar sales plummet this week!!! The truth about time is out, it is relative to the perceiver. The clock is not the mandator… :B

I would love for a reporter at a press conference to ask George to explain the International Date Line. “push back the earth a bit” - would actually help with global warming. Good Idea.