New date for web release of Nero 7

Just noticed on the web page that the web release date has been moved to Nov. 2, guess they decided to try and fix some of these major bugs in the version they released to stores.

No real surprise there then! I wonder if they’ll make Nov 2… (or more to the point, a fully working version by Nov 2!).

The Ultra edition is Nov 2, the Premium edition still seems to be Oct 26 according to the Nero site.


Whats the difference - is one just for the US market? My only other thought is that they just haven’t updated the site yet, but I guess time will tell!

Ultra - US version
Premium - elsewhere

Ultra has PhotoShow Express but the Premium version doesn’t.

german magazine ( just reported about Nero AG official’s said that the web-release will take minimum one week more. maybe it’ll take even longer.

For the same page
Yesterday :

Today :

That same page is different today.

edit: sorry, I misread the post. It is the same.