New DataWrite Grey "Fuji" 8x speed

"[I]Grade A. 25 pack. 8 Speed Disc. Brand New FUJI dye.

This disc has been designed to work at 2x -8x in modern 8x DVD writers. It is a lower cost alternative to the “Ritek G05 dye” based 8x DVD-R discs from Ridisc and Datasafe.

This write-once recordable disc uses a dye from Fuji that makes it highly compatible with most current DVD players and DVD-ROM drives, making it perfect for recording and storing home movies, television programming, computer data, multimedia programs, music, photographs, and much more. By utilizing a highly-sensitive organic digital dye, Datawrite Grey 8x DVD-R discs achieve a high level of performance, durability, and long archival life.

Suggested for use on the following hardware: Pioneer 103/A03, Pioneer 104/A04, Pioneer 105/A05, Pioneer 106/A06, Pioneer 107/A07, Panasonic E20, E30, E50, E100, HS2, Sony DVD+/-R drives,Plextor DVD+/-R drives, NEC ND-1300a., NEC ND 2500, Liteon DVD+/-R drives, LG DVD+/-R drives and most other DVD-R writers and modern DVD players."[/I]

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I’m looking to replace the Ritek with something more consistent (although the majority of the time I get good burns, especially with the NEC, there is an odd coaster here and there - one really bad batch 2 months ago).

Has anyone tried this new dye yet? I have a Lite-On 411S@811S (Thanks Zebra) and also a NEC 2500A fw 1.07b4 (fabulous Herrie mod) and am currently using Ritek -R G04 x4 and G05 x8.

I’ve read somwhere in the forums that Ritek have “downgraded” the G04 dye to prevent x8 burning - thus forcing us poor punters to buy the new x8 speed disks. Could this new disk be the cheap -R to finally topple Ritek?

Any thoughts on this fellow burners?

They work great and sooooo cheap at svp :slight_smile:

An excellent disc! Miles better than Ritek!

Gonna give them a try - just ordered 100 - should be here by Friday. Will fire up some burns (Nero, RecordNow, x4, x8) and post KProbe 2 results to the media section.

Can’t wait

Looking forward to those scans as nobody has done them yet

Blah! cant get them in US i suppose!

I bought some the other day (SVP) and they are very good on the Pioneer 106 (have just got NEC 8x DL but not installed yet :wink: , tried it on my LiteOn 411s and will only write @2x and not 4x!! I sent a mail to SVP to see if they can help plus tried latest “unhacked” firmware from LiteOn and no good there.

Sadly, may just have to keep some Riteks for the 411.

cHiLLi :cool:

Up at the crack of dawn this morning - couldn’t wait to get started with these new disks.

My original plan was to burn at x4, x6, x8 (in both my NEC and Lite-On) using RecordNow Max and Nero v6.3.1.10

You do the math - that’s 12 tests. Unfortunately I encountered the same problem as Foxy - the Lite-On will only burn at x2 speed. Even worse, couldn’t even get a burn to complete (2 attempts - even at this price I’m not going to throw money away!).

Here are the results of the 9 tests (numbered in order of the burn) using my NEC2500A, varying speeds, both pieces of software. It’s worth noting that each test used a different file (all were ISOs) with the exception of tests 4 and 7 - 4 ended up as a coaster (could have been me not ticking the finalise option in Nero) so I reproduced the exact same test again in 7 (same file, etc.)

The next three posts will show the media descriptor and the info on each drive - then it’s in to the tests propper.

So there you have it, almost 10 hours of testing. Some rather interesting results - for example the first spike appears on nearly all burns (to some degree or another) and doing a rough calculation by measuring each graph is exactly one eighth (twelve and a half percent) of the way into the burn - do the gurus have any ideas?

It’s usual for RecordNow to produce better burns than Nero (using Ritek G04) but these results are mixed and do not appear to favour RecordNow.

I’ve done 11 burns with three coasters - 2 down to the Lite-On HS0P firmware not being set up for this disk (just guessing here folks, perhaps someone can correct me if I’m wrong) - and 1 where I probably omitted to tick a box (heres a thought - why would I not want to finalise if I’m burning an image?? Obvious one there Ahead!)

All in all I’m happy with the results - and my conclusion? I’ll be sticking with x4 speed on the NEC2500A for now (either software) unless Herrie can come up with a modded firmware which takes away the spikes (test 6 would have been perfect but for the spike 75% of the way through).
I hope this exercise has been of some use - it certainly has for me.

Taking a break now - football’s on and the pub’s open!!

I’ve only tested a few discs on a replacement NEC2500 and found 4x using the latest Nero (Worth updating from .10 to .15 as I heard there were issues with earlier builds of Nero) is the best speed for now. It will do 6x or 8x but it appears to be hit and miss as to whether you get a good burn or not. Thus I go by statement that these discs should be treated as good cheap 4x media. I hope Herrie could do some test strategies on this media as I think it’s worth it.

I wonder how well they would fare using the MCC write strategy for instance (I can write those at 8x no problemo).