New database with copy settings

I just posted the article New database with copy settings….

Shadowman tells us by using the newssubmit that there is a new program outthere containig a database with 675 entries of games and their copy protections. It’s also possible to send the author a…

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Too Late amigo. It’s not IN anymore. Protection Detectors is the way to do it now.

In my experience copydetectors aren’t 100% reliable, so a database made out of user input will probably be more accurate!

I have seen the screenshots, it’s a totally ripoff of CloneCDDB which again was a ripoff of Perfect Copy, were the idea originated. These things make me wanna :r Copy Protection Detectors are more reliable than Databases. Because databases are scanned with old Scanning techniques. So Databases are as reliable as yesterdays scanners.

So what is the best? A copyprotector scanner, or such a database? In both cases: some links please :slight_smile:

Clony is proly the most complete scanner. Unfortunately only in Deutch :c

Sorry for Zyron but the best copy scanner nowadays is to my opinion Clony. It’s accurate and frequently updated. Too bad there’s no update for the English version (only German) but as I’m told it will soon arrive in the Final version…

In my opinion, Clony is indeed the best for now. As Perfect Copy is VERY old now. But before when Detcetion started, perfect copy fully lived up to it’s name.