New Data Security Tool for CD-Rs and DVDRs



I have bought a new gadget that is very quick and useful, and it’s on sale on their website ($14.99). I’ve destroyed some old CD-Rs before, but this is much more practical and environmentally friendly, too! I never knew about recycling my old discs until now. This is the coolest little thing I’ve recently bought!

Check it out! Looks like this guy was on TV too! :clap:
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Why not microwave the disk (metal side up) for only about 3 seconds to sparkle the metallic surface? Be prepared to shut the microwave off as soon as you see the action.



The reflection may damage the microwave-

Wouldn’t advise trying it-

Also - you do not know what the disc is outgassing either-



I can get a sheet of course sandpaper at the local hardware shop for less than 50c.


Yeah, before I bought the Disc Eraser, I used sandpaper on my old CD-Rs. It’s messy, alot of dust gets everywhere and it’s not something you want to do in your office or indoors. I also tried hammering and cutting them up, etc…basically all the methods that people recommend or have tried. I even bought the CD shredders and destroyers. In summary, the Disc Eraser IS the best way, hands down! And it isn’t expensive.

It’s definitely the quickest and safest way to disable a CD, creating NO WASTE material. I think it’s a product of the future, because it promotes recycling, and the environmental concerns are increasing with the number of unwanted CDs and DVDs.


I’ll just stick to my EMS scissors…:smiley: doesn’t take any effort at all to cut into them


I’ve done that before also. It took me about 10 minutes to cut up 5 unwanted CD-Rs into small pieces (my hands hurt because CDs are tough to cut). Then I threw them away in the trash. Now I realize, this is bad for our environment, because CDs need to be specially recycled by CD recyclers (they have BOTH metal and polycarbonate plastic). So sorting out the little pieces is too difficult for your trashmen or your local recycler, and they end up in the city dump. I don’t think these CD pieces are biodegradable.

Now, it takes me less than 15 seconds to destroy 5 CDs by using the Disc Eraser. AND, I simply throw them in the plastics recycling bins. They will be sorted out and sent to the CD recyclers who melt them down to extract the metal and re-use the polycarbonate. I feel good, because I’m saving the environment. I had many CD-Rs and DVDs that I destroyed before I realized this!


I just use permanent marker… :bigsmile:


Which wipes off with the 100% Isopropyl Alcohol that I use to clean old disks. I’m with S_S, I have a pair of bypass cut pruning shears. They have a camber so you don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome. You don’t have to cut CDs in half, just from the edge to the hub. Takes 2 seconds on the way to the bin.


i just buy a newer shredder at sam’s every other year or so. cheap and it does paper which seems to hold far more damaging info :slight_smile:


How cheap was your shredder? My friend has a cheaper/weaker one, says it probably won’t last long after shredding many CDs. As for paper, that is probably the only advantage of getting a combo shredder (I use a separate paper shredder now). Well, I definitely have more personal and confidential data stored onto CD-Rs, so the Disc Eraser is perfect for the job. And it’s smaller and nicer to have on my desk than a pair of shearers. Those still leave metallic particles even if you only cut your CD-R once! Better do it over a trash can. For a few bucks more, I’d rather buy the Disc Eraser, it’s a cool new device that’s 100% safe, and much more affordable than a shredder.


I betcha “BagofTrix” has an interest in that “disc eraser” … :rolleyes:


i’m thinking the same thing kcrudup…

sam’s had this for $47. it shreds 10 pages at a time and dvd/cd has its own slot. i think sam’s has a 12 or 14 pager cd shredder now for when this one starts getting weak


Your combo shredder cost $47 every other year.

Well, I paid $12.99 for a paper shredder, and then $14.98 for the Disc Eraser. Paper shredder lasting me 3 years so far. The Disc Eraser is good for 1000 uses according to their website, so it should last just as long (if I erased 1 disc every day, for 3 years, should be almost 1,100 discs in 3 years). Thank God, I’ll be recycling all those discs! :slight_smile:

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Paper shredder here as well.


just checked and my shredder is over 2 yrs now and still going strong.

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Destroying any CD/DVD is not environmentally friendly. I don’t see how it could be. You have to back up all that sensitive information onto a new CD/DVD anyway, thereby polluting the environment in the additional production of the new & also the destruction of the old. Buy decent CD’s / DVD’s in the first place & you’ll never need to destroy your old backup anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
Destroying a CD/DVD just makes a mess, and if everyone spent a tad more on decent media, your product would be totally unnecessary in the first place.


have any1 heard of a shredder??
a pair of scissors??
or pocket knife that you can scratch the burn surface??
and make sure you recycle pieces of plastic to keep the enviroment clean


$15 and it only lasts for 1k disks :eek: I think I’ll pass