New custom region code reset tool for NEC drives available

I just posted the article New custom region code reset tool for NEC drives available.

All you
NEC drive owners out there that have hit the region code limit on your drives,
have a new alternative. In the past, these drives like most, have a finite
number of times that you can…

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Of course the recommended way is still flashing an RPC1 firmware, but if you don’t want to do this, it’s a nice little tool.

Sweet… Starting to do all the tools I wanted. :slight_smile:

While the ability to reset the count back to 5 seems useful, most DVD-ROM’s and burners store their remaining region count in flash memory. Unfortunately this flash memory is not as robust as flash memory in USB keysticks and memory cards as these two are designed for frequent flashing, unlike the drive’s flash which is designed to handle just a few flashes over its life. I read somewhere that the flash memory in drives support as little as 100 flashes, so if someone decided to watch just one DVD a day, each each with a different region code than the previous day, then chances are that they would permanently ruin their drive after just a few months. A drive flashed with RPC1 firmware on the other hand does not have this issue, since the region count is held by the OS and not the drive itself. :wink:

I guess the flash memory in NEC’s drives is able to handle more than 100 flashes. Booktype settings are stored in the same flash memory and NEC allows 500 changes here.

even though they allow 500, I still firmly believe that it can go further! The flash memory isn’t exactly poor quality, some in USB Memory keys are worse - MLC devices which don’t retain their data as well. The ones in drives are probably SLC because of their small capacity and would last heaps longer.

I didn’t want to say that it’s restricted to max. 500 changes, I just wanted to point out that it’s probably more than the 500 changes Seán mentioned.

Comeon that flash memo will be drained out in years…by then the optical lens and laser will go out sooner. A drive’s lifespan is around 7 years so imagine using the same unit in 2012… :S