New custom made pc


I am about to purchase parts to make my own pc. I have never donw this before so i was wondering if anyone knows if i need to purchase a seperate CPU fan or coooler. The motherboard and processor I have ordererd are below.

Abit AX8 V2.0 VIA K8T890, S939, PCI-E (x16), DDR 400, SATA I, SATA RAID, ATX

AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Socket939 , Venice Core, 2.4GHz , 512KB Cache, Retail

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Member “ripit” has the same mobo, I believe. Will you be (re-)using DDR you already have? Otherwise it would have been more logical to go for the new Socket AM2 (with DDR2) in stead of S939.

Athlon64’s run cool & quiet, so the retail cooler is fine (unless you wish to overclock it to the max).

The retail processor you bought comes with a CPU heatsink and fan. It may be a little noisy and it definitely not the best, but it is servicable.

If you do want to go aftermarket, then the Thermaltake line is your easiest choice as they are pretty good performers and use the stock bracket. Some, such as Zalman, require a mounting bracket that goes on the opposite side of the MB.

Thanks for the replies.

lol. This is the 1st time i’ll be making a pc so I don’t think overclocking will be an option.

It’s real easy these days, like the hardware was designed for it. You’ll get there too. :wink: