New CRT Monitors

i have a Compaq Mv520 monitor which is quiet old so was planning to buy a new monitor CRT (17 inch)

any suggestions (LG or SAMSUNG)
links to any reviews would also greatly help


I’ve had my Samsung 753 DynaFlat 17" monitor for about a year now and I love it. Great picture quality in both text and multimedia. Check it out at Newegg :smiley:

I must admit that both screens have a nice picture. I prefer Samsung though, as I’ve heard about too many bad experiences with LG monitors (breaking down etc). I have a Samsung myself (96P, 19") and I’m quite fond of it. The price is right and the image is very clear, sharp, has nice colors etc etc. I wouldn’t advice against it!

I have had three seperate AOC monitor’s and loved all of them. AOC is often overlooked because they are cheaper. But if you look at reviews you will see they usually finish quite high and are a pretty trusted company.
Tthey also have 3 year warranties which is nice for peace of mind. I would say that instead of spending more on a 17" Samsung, spend about the same ammount and get a AOC 9KLR 19" Pure Flat CRT. It’s the one I have at home and the picture is nice and crisp. It does 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz no problem. :smiley: