New crapper Verbatim design... or are they fakes?



Forgive the poor picture quality, but it’s enough to distuingish the difference… I got these frtom SVP AKA BlankMediaShop and the first pic (below) is how the first batch and other batches from other companies have been, but now they’ve sent me these other ones (next post), which I think don’t look as sheek and also mess up my back-up collection of Star Trek that I was doing, as they’re not all the same now.

Anyone got a take on this? Are they from a different factory, e.g. China instead of India? The tub’s gray instead of black, too.

EDIT: File size is too big?! It’s only 121KB!! Oh well, has anyone had some in gray tubs? The code on the ring is GG000123.




upload to imageshack click here no registration needed , then click this button

then put the url for the image and click ok , after uploading to imageshack you see several urls for the image use the last one (direct link for image)


Cheers, nice one!

Now, look at the right-hand side - original first, next is the new one (note: Firefox is giving me trouble in displaying the pics, so FF users use IE for this instead).


you used webcam for that? it looks very blurry , anyway the serial is real and ive seen in several threads that ppl claim that verbatim outsourced its 8x dvd medias to taiyo yuden so i guess its true , btw next time use the direct link so the image will be shown full size in the post


Oh, OK - thanks. I kind of want all the same design discs…do you think that they are changing from one design to the other, or they just have two designs?


no offence but come on how does that make Verbatim crappy? ive bought the same discs and the design is ever so slightly diferent big deal, are you having trouble with the discs? the discs are Taiyo Yuden meaning they are more than likely better than the standard MCC stuff you were using before.


It’s not about the performance, just the aesthetics. Some people are more fussy than others, much like some people aren’t bothered by a folded corner of a book cover or something, but some people are. I thoought that Verbs were that good that being even better (from TY) wouldn’t make a significant difference.


I think the design is really moot at this point. The fact is that although they are labeled “Verbatim,” the serial number means it is the TYG02 mid (8x DVD-R). Burn one, run a burn quality test with Nero CD-Speed, and post the results. You’ll likely find the TYG02 is at least as good as the MCC02RG20 (Verb DVD-R 8x), but likely MUCH better. :wink: