New copyright amendments targets P2P users

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  Well it appears that some key U.S. government  officials have decided to pass an act forbidding the recording of motion  pictures in a theatre or a similiar environment. While it won't affect...
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Is it just me, or does it seem like this law, and well everything else these corrupt organizeations do is getting way outta hand. In most states, from what I understand, this is a longer sentence then more serious crimes, like rape and assualt, where an actual tangible offense cccurs. Let’s put everything back to perspective and stop giving these media giants so much sway.

Well it is official folks we now have the United States of Corporate America. It is obvious the government can’t protect the peoples’ interests. The U S has about the worst insurance/healthcare system in the world, a declining standard of living, petro going through the roof, half the government playing at homeland security and accomplishing little. We are pumping billions into Iraq, cant get the social security system straight, are cutting medicaid and medicare for the elderly, have a national highway system that is in shambles…but By God we are gonna save those friggen studios. Lets make it the national agenda…protect the studios at any cost to society. Forget bad checks, credit card fraud, online auction rip offs and corporate fraud. Lets save future generations and change the world…lets save the damn studios. Has anyone had enough of this bull shit or an I missing something?
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I agree with everything above apart from Petrol

Man, the RoboCop movies were right. The World is going to become a “capitalist monopolist” hellhole.

“I agree with everything above apart from Petrol”…Why???..I think it is generally accepted we hit peak oil production about 5 years ago. Investment and investigation into alternative sources is almost non existent or will come to late. I think we’re in deep shit…:X

actually this law makes sense, as you’re not allowed to copy copyrighted works in most other forms no difference between recording a movie in a theater, copying a game or copying a book really now I can’t figure out why anyone would want to watch a crappy cam version of a movie anyways (other than the ‘haha I saw it first’ argument fit for an 8-year old), but that’s another debate and just as a sidenote, the prediction on the global oil peak most experts agree on is ~2015 and the US peaked in 1970

Ahhh If only everyone in the USA boycotted movie theaters for 3 months, this problem would go away, movies would be so cheap that everyone could afford them.

Well oil in the main is controlled by a bunch of Arab nobs…what more would you expect from that kind? :r We should start selling medicine and everything else to the Arabs at a premium until they get their oil prices down!

I Like RLA’s post. So true

Let me guess…all these experts were american…from what I read gwardar is the only viable source, it has reached peak oil and I think you’ll find that 2015 figure is when the manure hits the oscillator…but regardless, get a bow and arrows, buy a horse and if you love your computer, buy lotsa solar panels…:X

I tend to agree with this legislation to a point… the studios need to be able to make money off new releases or they will quit making them. That said, I think the penalties are a bit draconian for simple P2P swapping of them or getting caught with them. On the comment on Petrol/Oil… I agree that Oil production is a major problem and we need to solve it NOW. But NOT by increasing production, instead we need to reduce our dependence on it! Hydrogen Fuel Cell’s and/or simple Hydrogen burning engines CAN be made safe and effective and we have a limitless supply of water that can be split into Hydogren/Oxygen (even salt or contaminated water will work fine for this purpose). All it takes is lots of electricity. And the simplest, safest, and CLEANEST way to make lots of electricity is to build properly designed nuclear power plants. When done properly Nuclear is safe and non-polluting to the environment at large. Yes, as it currently stands nuclear power plants produce waste that is highly toxic and has to be stored somewhere but I would much rather see us pollute ONE area with toxic waste than the entire friggin planet as hydrocarbons, etc are doing now! Heck, the Russian’s are sitting on a gold mine if they would exploit it – they should simply volunteer to sell storage space at Chernobyl as the nuclear waste dump for the world – it is already useless for anything else for the next 10K years, so you really can’t make it any worse! If we can reduce our dependence on oil, our need to even CARE what happens in the Middle East from a geopolitical standpoint completely goes away. From a human rights stand point we SHOULD still care, but if they tell us they don’t want us there, then we can just leave and let them do their own thing.

actually, thats a little late (1987) where i would protray an origin of that train of though back to William Gibson (Neuromancer - 1984) and probably more so to Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - 1968) along with other of his books that i have had the chance to read. also authors such as: Bruce Sterling, and Neal Stephenson (who really has brought his stories out after this 1987 barrier i made perviously) snow crash, diamond age, and his historical fiction novels: cryptonomicon and the baroque cycle series i just think its ironic that they pass a law thats acronym is FECAL (family entertainment and copyright act legislation), so if you violate it, you are in violation of fecal (sh1t), only in America!

mdburkey - unfortunately nuclear power isn’t an option, using current technologies, uranium supply is estimated to last ~50 years since roughly 7% of the world’s energy is produced in nuclear plants it’s quite obvious it won’t last long if that share is increased as for hydrogen cells, that’s just a big chimera as long as we don’t have a reliable renewable source of energy

Wow. 3 years just for HAVING a pirated movie. Maybe I should start robbing liqour stores at gunpoint…I’d do less time, that’s for sure :wink:

Time to start back up another age old hobby that i’m fond of, growing marijuana lol, downloading movies is just getting too risky. 3 yrs !!! some one definitely got lobbied on that one ! You’d think illegal immigration would be a tad bit higher on the agenda of getting laws passed to help prevent our borders,employers, and public systems being over run with ILLEGAL immigrants.

No: 5 years for having a pirated movie that hasn’t been released commercially yet.

Ginsu Victim: maybe you should go rob a liqour store you might just end up dead. what a dumb fuck

Hey, hey, I simply hope there’ll be no more cammed movies available, EVER. I preffer going once to the cinema to see the movie, then wait paciently until I can get it in HiQ form or DVD-R format. I see no reason to torture myself in front of the TV/monitor watching absolutely poorly cammed movies with pixels the size of a fingerprint and forced psychedelic sound :smiley: Maybe it’s just me respecting movies and myself too much.