New copyprotection: Softshield presents ProtectCD 5

I just posted the article New copyprotection: Softshield presents ProtectCD 5.

A software house in Dortmund, Germany has developed a new copy protection called ProtectCD 5. The protection is based on the physical characteristics of the medium (they use special media, that can…

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I have to accept that it’s a bit better way to effectively apply copy protection on a CD. It’s similar to a Sony’s PSX copyprotect. where a few uncopyable (“boot”) sectors are on the orig. CD and so the “Mod-Chip” is needed. But in this case, there is no larger problem for a hacker(s) to write soft. which would do such like things under Win as the HW “Mod-chip” in the PSX, i.e. simulate some stuffs for a game to thinking it’s an orig. CD :p.

Stupid people. “they use special media, that can be recognized by their software” And what happens when that software is cracked? Ooh Loki said basically the same thing :slight_smile:

HI, "Dadurch we can offer our customers " cool German-English mix :wink: For luck these protections will not be widely used in the future since they are to expensive, these discs. Gräfdig

These protections only work until a popular game come out then it is a matter of hours before they are cracked and broken.