New copy protection?

Have just tried to copy the new game out by microids called
War and Peace . Proving to be a problem!!!
usual yapes and clony copy protections show no securom?
made a bwa anyway patched with twin peaks. bwa maker finds very few errors in the cd (unusual) burnt back with clone cd.

Anyway disc installs ok then when try to run a "checking cd " box comes up but after a few seconds disc is rejected!!
replace with original at that point disc runs and starts ok!!
Tried blind read and alcohol , no joy!!!
Gentlemen here we go AGAIN !!! doesnt look good its backlash time !!!
keep you posted if I get it cracked?
sorry meant running!!!

I think its Starforce :wink:

Attempt to read the disc with the program ClonyXXL to really find out if this game is infact Starforce

Well, if it is starforce, it’s nothing new but you can forget about copying it all the same. :frowning:

This Thread appears to confirm that it does have starforce on it :frowning:

What causes problems for people trying to copy Star-Force is that the developers update it often. It is already at version 3 and its technology is way ahead of SecuROM / SafeDisc.

well that explains why I cant find any securom in the exe. !!
What other titles use it?
How does it work?
Has anybody had any success at all with starforce?
using bwa builder doesnt seem to find much in the way of characteristics of disc like securom 4.8 and above.
It obviously is looking for some recognition of the cd as it finds the original in just a few seconds!!

It is currently thought that Star-Force works like CD-COPS, indeed, the makers of CD-COPS (LinkData), claim that Star-Force is a “CD-COPS clone”. However, I have never seen a protected disc, so I can’t verify this. If it does work like CD-COPS then it calculates physical measurements on the disc (search the forum)

What I do know is that some (very few) people have succeeded in making a working backup of Star-Force (v.1 / v.2), but it appears almost random. One guy reported a success after 100 attempts.

There are about 10-20 protected, well-known games. Most of them are east-european or Russian games. This + Codename: Outbreak. Go to, they have most of their protected games listed there.

Originally posted by AtomicX
What I do know is that some (very few) people have succeeded in making a working backup of Star-Force (v.1 / v.2), but it appears almost random. One guy reported a success after 100 attempts.

As I recall, morglum007 said he got one partial success (worked on some drives but not all) out of about 100 tries and could never repeat it even with the same hardware, software and settings.

IIRC, Venom has once said that “Sony and Macrovision are just kids playing around, compared to StarForce authors…”

A quote of a german magazine called “CHIP”:

“Der Teac CD-W548EK ist ein hervorragender Spielekopierschutz-Killer – in Verbindung mit dem 1:1-Kopiertool Alcohol kopiert er Safedisc 2.4/2.8 und Secu ROM New (4.8). Selbst StarForce 3.0 knackt er als bisher einziger Brenner im Testlabor.”

The main point: The Teac CD-W548EK is able to copy STARFORCE V3 !!! I have my doubts …

Original article:

Can anybody confirm ?

Okay. I’m here again. YEs, i did a perfect backup of codename outbreak with starforce on it. This is the most strange cd a have ever backup-ed. I have a copy that it’s like original, perfectly functional. The way i copied it will never be forgotten. I used cloneCD ( don’t remenber what version) and the original & copy is perfectly readable for windows or any os ( linux) but here is the curious…if u try to read it to obtain a hd image…then both copy and original hangs up all my windows me system. I tried it several times and finally used my very good toshiba sd-m1402 dvd drive to read the entire cd without ant problem(my toshi didn’t read the cd in the first, second or third attemp, i remember it began to read it in the 5th or 6th try). Just a curious thing…it took to be read about three hours( nor a ring protected game last too much!!!). The way it read it is also very curious: it read a bit, then freezing, read another bit and freezing again.It copies to the HD LIKE THE INSTALL DOES!!!
Burned as normal way and always works like original.

TIP: The way the install works ( reading, freezing and reading again) is the way cloneCD extracted a working image.
Finally, i tried to backup the copy and…no luck…my system hangs up again no matter if i try on my toshi or plextor.
I haven’t tried it now, but i can test if i can read it again with some common burning programs.
( to verify it was correct i entirely did the game from the beginning till the end with the backup)

TIP#2: It works everywhere.