New copy protection

Any thoughts on backing up The Cave? Tried several programs? Will backup to hard drive, but when played it pixelates?

it’s pixellated when you play it from the hard drive? or have you backed it up onto a disc yet?

does your original do that when played in the same drive you ripped from?

if you ripped it onto your hard drive, I don’t think it’s a copy protection issue, but you need to give more info.

you say you’ve “tried several programs.” You need to tell us what programs and version NUMBERS (not “latest” or “newest”). did you get any error messages (I’m assuming no). for example, i backed this up perfectly fine with anydvd and clonedvd

is your drive very old? could just need a lens cleaning…

I played it back from my computer, than copied it to play on my H.T.-DVD player, it pixalates on both of them. Tried DVDSHRINK, DVD Decrypter, DVDFAD Decrypter,DVD43, all of the lastest version. The only 1 that would copy to my hard drive was DVDFAB, but it’s not a working copy, pixlates?

ok, now would you mind answering the questions i asked?

version NUMBERS of software are helpful. I specifically said in my post NOT to say “latest” or “newest”

did you get any error messages? (you say DVDFab was the only one that copied to your hard drive…what happened with the others?)

How old is your drive?

does your original play back with pixellation in the same drive that you’re ripping from?

this backed up perfectly fine with anydvd and CloneDVD You can download the free trials of these programs from I mention this just because I KNOW this works. If you have a drive problem it won’t work. So before you waste anymore time trying to back this up and before i waste anymore time trying to figure this out, you need to answer the questions I asked. They all make a in difference in what your problem might be.

I sucessfully backed up my copy of the cave using, AnyDVD and using DVDFab, with no problems except one spot that froze. That was due to my media and burning speed I was told on another thread. I dont know if I can post this but here is a link that seems to be helpful. Hope these help. Also make sure you are only using the Audio 6 channel not Audio 2 when ripping otherwise youll get the dir comments in the beggingin.

Thanks so much for the help, you guys are great. The Cave is not a great movie, it was the challenge to back it up. Done Thanks to your help.

do you mind sharing what the problem was and how you fixed it in case anyone else that was reading this thread had a similar issue

I followed the lead on the links that Kanzaz posted, great help.