New copy protection?

Hello everyone

I have a question about backing up my DVD’s. I have backed up many of my DVDs, but I am having trouble lately with some (Triple XXX The State of the Union). I have tried everything from DVD Shrink, AnyDVD/Clone DVD to DVD Cloner II. The programs begin decrypting the DVD then freeze. Is there a new type of copy right protection or am I doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

The answer is somewhere in your configuration. I did that movie with AnyDVD clone DVD no problems. Try movie only.

Thank you, but what do you mean by my configuration can you explain a little more.

There is no new copy protection for The State Of The Union if your talking Region 1 Widescreen.
I believe you have a defective disk, I know it’s probably brand new, but it still can be defective. Make sure it is cleaned properly and try again. If it still doesn’t work open up Windows Explorer and try to copy the Video_TS folder to a tempoarary directory.
If Explorer locks up, and gives you an error message, return the disk and get a new one.


hello, my first time here, the new copy protection is ripguard. I have been using dvdxcopy and the new dvds (within the past few weeks) out i got have been crashing my software. I started using dvdfab platinum for back up and have had no issues.

Agreed. I just backed this movie up on Saturday and watched the back up on Sunday night. I used anydvd and clonedvd2, the results were perfect on a region 1 widescreen edition.

How do you know it is ripguard? I have not heard a confirmed report of ripguard being used on any movie yet. If you look at the number of posts Hitch caused on this site and that was just an updated ARccOS - I am sure if a movie was out there with ripguard, it would be well know by now.

There is no ripguard disc yet. XXX: SOTU does not have ripguard. Please do not post inflammatory statements.

ripguard will not exist, if there is one, it will be for 2-3 hours only!
com’on baby, com’on!!!

it was my understanding that companies using ripguard (from press releases) that companies such as warner bros. , sony pictures, etc. would use rip guard mid 2005. I never had any trouble until startsky and hutch (warner) and kung fu hustle (sony). From the press releases it also said that due to the way ripguard functions that some movies won’t even play in pc’s. Kung Fu HUstle won’t play in my pc. it says unrecognizable format.

I’m new here so I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. But from what I read and from what’s been happening recently with my back ups, it seemed like an eerie connection.

not a problem irish - just a lot of people here waiting on ripguard to appear - as of yet it hasn’t. Any DVD that is out there at the moment can be backed up by AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 (thats what I use, and yes I know a lot of other programs work as well)

Kung Fu Hustle is easily defeated by the current DVD Decrypter, it’s just Arccos and not even a very good variant.

Hitch is also just Arccos.

Starsky & Hutch has been out for 9 months in the USA.

dvdfab doesnt work at all on my system, everything freezes within the first second, I even did an image to my hd and that froze up ON THE HD the same way all the discs I tried to backup did. I wonder why it never works for me? I have a disc that nothing will copy, except supposedly fab. meaning it makes it through the disc with no errors, but the copy wont play. this disc isnt even copy protected, but the orig (which is a dvdr) plays fine, but it cant be copied