New Copy Protection?

I have a Sony DRU-710A burner with the latest BYX4 firmware in my PC, and I use it often to watch rental movies, since I have a killer sound system. The other day my wife rented a DVD movie that had just been released and she was the first to get it from the store. The DVD looked strange as it had no labels on it and it was hardly obvious which side was up as they both looked the same.

When I put it in my Sony drive it saw no disk and the drive just sat there grinding until it eventually timed out. Once I was able to open the disk in explorer but the contents was blank. I even moved the drive to my backup computer with the same results.

I put it in my cheapo DVD player and it worked fine. It also worked fine in my Liteon DVD recorder. Any other DVD I have reads fine in my Sony recorder except that one.

Is there some new protection scheme on new releases like this one that will not work in a PC installed DVD recorder?

what was the name of the movie,

Called my wife and she said the name was Miss Congenialty 2.

She said she was on a waiting list as it was a new release, and she was the first one to get it. Not my kind of movie but I am concerned as to why my DRU-710A would not read it.

I called Sony and of course they had no idea.


I had no problems with that movie with AnyDVD

Hey pckid,

Did you try ti uninstall the drive and reinstalling it again? How long have u have ur sony drive, maybe you should clean it a bit sometimes the lens are coverd in dust and that might be why it is causing the problem.

I’ve never heard of a copy protection not letting you play the movie either on the computer or DVD player. Copy protection is only designed so that making a copy of it is much harder, with the idea being not being able to copy it at all. The current problems are with Sony made movies like Spanglish and Hitch, which have an updated ArCCos protection that AnyDVD doesn’t defeat by itself (at least not decrypting on the fly with 1clickdvdcopy). When I used AnyDVD with DVDDecrypter though, I was able to bypass the protection…and I suspect DVDDecrypter might bypass that by itself.