New copy protection uses chemical to manipulate DVD laser

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  Dynamic Media Solutions, an Israeli company, says it has developed a  "novel technology" that, it claims, will provide a "far-reaching copy  protection solution for current and...
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Oh bloody goody…some rsol grinding my right to make personal backups (as I see fit) into the dust…hey! I got an idea israel, clean up your own backyard before you foister your shite on the rest of the world and for god sake drop this “everybody hates us” attitude…:X

If you can read/play it, you can copy it…

“If you can read/play it, you can copy it…” for the time being perhaps…

No political discussions
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Who say Algorithm say…:d

If only the opposite were true, and Arabs (Palestinians if you will) were constructive, but that’s for another discussion.
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I wish somebody would weigh in here and tell me how a chemical layer can manipulate a laser to where you can read a disc but you can’t copy it. I just don’t get it. Does the algorithm kind of “straighten the data out” again or what? As some other wise guests have already suggested, Please don’t turn this into a political discussion. Because as a matter of policy, we don’t argue such matters here.
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Umm…maybe try not to evolve this topic into political discussion. Thank you. On the topic: hmm…if it works this can be quite hard to backup me thinks.

You forgot to mention that most of copy protection companies are from USA. Also, some from europian countries too. So why not give an Israeli company a chance like many US companies do?:stuck_out_tongue:

“for the time being perhaps” No it will always be so. To watch the movie you need access to the data. If you have access to the data you can copy it. Also, the disc has to conform to the dvd red book to be compatible in the dvd players available.

I can only speculate, that from the given hype supplied, it is some form of simple adaptation of the dual reflectivity layer as applied to either the dual layer dvd and/or sony sacd audio disc format. One would really need to obtain samples of said product to directly analyse them.

And so what? 1:1 copies haven’t worked for me in the last 1-2 years anyway, and I don’t really care. I usually no-cd my games anyway, I hate scouting around for cds all the time. Besides, couldn’t Alcohol just implent some kind emulation, like the RPMS stuff, which would make the games allow regular copies?

G@M3FR3@K, since when did statements of fact constitute polictical discussion? You’d better close this thread then as the very discussion of copy protections is steeped in politics!

They must realise that for their “technology” to work, it must be backward compatible with old optical drives - like my DVD-ROM - which uses a regular red laser - which conforms to Red Book standard - which means you CAN 1:1 da pharker. [I]…dynamically influencing the laser beam in a way that cannot be reproduced on the copied media…[/I]. Once again my one-liner: Bulls**t… [cough and wipe saliva off my disgusted facial expression]…:B
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They are cleaning up their backyard by making that wall to keep the Palestinians out :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe does chemical arent aloud in alot of countries thats why there developing the technology in israel… I personaly think if you can view it on your computer then you can back it up and if you think about it nobody is going to shair a 1:1 copy of a dvd on the internet there not going into the right aporach, of things they just need to suck it up and take it up the a** :X

Oy vey! Sherrif, stop being so anti-semitic! The poor, hapless Israelis need our help to survive. :stuck_out_tongue:

this people from this companies(copy protections) still dont understand that there are people outside smart then them.Unlocking this kind of protections is only matter of time.!!!

Chemicals - dynamically influencing the laser beam in a way that cannot be reproduced - how will the influenced laser beam return music, will it still be just music or will we have to read in the “composition” (not the one of the composer, of course…) that it contains E-xxx, plus E-yyy, plus E-zzz. plus conditioning, and so on… How will this affect the signal? and our rights to private copy (where applicable…). And will it prevent the copying of crap for instant consumption as well as good music? At the end, the real pirates - this is the ones that make the big money, not the computer user… - will find a way to stay in business and the people affected will be the one that buys the stuff. Bring decent media and music back and for us, the consumers, just leave the bad stuff on the shelf… I did it for a considerable number os CDs that I would have bought otherwise, in the last year or so!