New copy-protection scanner released: TCCD-Scout Easyscan

I just posted the article New copy-protection scanner released: TCCD-Scout Easyscan.

GhostWriter and The swede let us know that a new copy-protection scanner has been released. Unfortunately the scanner, known as TCCD-Scout Easyscan, is only available in…

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It seems the only people to know or care how to make these protection scanners are Germans hehe.

Yea but they dont like translating, they must only like their lingo!

Well, every piece of software I write is english (or german+english) :slight_smile: But you’re right, some Germans don’t like writing english software, such as Bxxxxj. Solution: learn how to identify the protection without scanner.

With all due respect even though the scanner is in German, and won’t take 5 mins to workout what too do. Then we should thank the programmer all the same :4 Greets from The Diplomat :8

Hopefully it will released in English too.

will it copy say xbox games? :slight_smile:

This new TCCD soft sucks :r It detects a SecuROM 4.82 protected title as 4.68! Don’t trust it.

this is just a lite version of tccd scout 2.3, just like scouty. better get the full version (tccd scout 2.3) from smokers’ board. or even better get clony, because it’s better than all the scout releases together

I am sorry too point out, that Clony also fails on most new protection schemes as well :frowning: Greets The Diplomat :8