New Copy-Protection on DVD?



Well I must admit that I´ve got something strange here on the DVD of “The Missing” RC2 PAL DVD… It seems so that the third cell of the Main Movie is corrupt or has bad sectors… If you want to read an image of the disc, DVD Decrypter hangs… DVD Shrink also gives up with CRC Error… CloneDVD also stopps… The Trick that worked for DVD´s from “Augsburger Puppenkiste” also seems to fail. Now I changed to IFO Mode in DVD Decrypter selected the Main Movie and disabled the third Cell… Now I can read the whole movie onto hdd, but of course it isn´t playable due to information of the ifo which doesnt correspond to the new VOB´s… Can anyone confirm this?

The structure of the IFO from the main movie ist also a bit strange… the first four cells are marked with “Layer break”… I think there is a new copy protection comming to town… Cell 1 has a cell command that jumps to the start of the main movie…

VTS_14_1.VOB also seems to have something special on it Massive “Pack Header not Found” Errors… Something new is defintivly here!


I hope the guys from Slysoft will find a way to handle this kind of new protection. It seems that it starts spreading…

Maybe Olli has any News…??


I just backed up THE MISSING R2 PAL (UK) with a trial of clonedvd2 and anydvd last night, no problems at all ?


I had the same problem with Cold Mountain. Backed up a friends same movie with absolutely no problem. I tried decrypter, shrink and nothing would work. So I guess some of the movies have it and some don’t. And just to reiterate what you said, it seems fine then in the middle of the movie is where it states that it is protected. That’s the part that sucks. You think that everything is going good and BLAM! In your face.


@Da Sheep!

Please take a look at your main movie ifo with ifoedit and please look if there are 4 Cell Id´s marked with “Layer Break” right in the beginning. I´m living in Germany and it may only be protected here like most Audio CD´s are. Audio CD´s aren´t protected in the UK… Maybe DVD´s aren´t too in UK.



No there’s not, just 1 at cell 19 thats all.


@Da Sheep!

Thanks, just what I thought. Why do they always protect those things here??? I hate it :bigsmile:


Hi folks - what a pity ! It’s right, new movie “The Missing” isn’t copyable at the moment. No problem with “… Mountain” ! Decrypter stops at 13 % and Shring at 52 % ! The “Read Errors” are on the beginning of the main movie. I tried it with my Toshiba 1712 and NEC-1300A - No success ! Sorry for the moment, but no idea for this problem …




I have a working copy of this movie ;)… First I read out the main movie in IFO Mode but deactivated cell 3 of the first four cell´s and the movie will get ripped onto hdd. Then I changed to File Mode and selected the rest of the Files (VTS_14_0 or _1) ist full of bad sectors", maybe it should be deselected and be replaced by a small file renamed to that VTS_14_x.VOB. The I took DVDRebuilder and let it do the reencoding process. Extras = stripped :wink:


I have “The Missing” and it went without any problem the first time around. That’s the one with Tommy Lee Jones right?



Do you live in Germany? If you live outside of that Country you might have no copyprotection on your DVD… I get the impression that anything new gets tested here and then spreads… ;( I hate that :smiley: But it´s good for getting experience in Ripping :smiley:



The german DVD is portected with a new COPY-PROTECTION from Sony.

Good luck!


ARccOS, and newest DVDDecrypter can handle it.

Good luck!


“newest DVDDecrypter can handle it”




The guys from Slysoft face a logistic problem… The Missing has not been released for sale in Germany (sale starts at 10th of August), only rental versions are available.
It is impossible to rent a german DVD from Antigua… :frowning:
They surely will get such a DVD as soon as it is for sale, the question is: Will the sales version have the same copy protection as the rental version?


Well, however a backup of a rental copy is illegal, so this is not a problem, right? :bigsmile:

Ok, it was just a joke…

Regards, :slight_smile:



Just for clarification:
In some countries it is not illegal to backup a rental copy of a Video DVD!
For example, in Germany it is legal (for personal use, of course!)
However, since the 13th of September 2003 it is illegal to bypass a copy protection.
So, it is still legal, if there’s no copy protection on the disc.
(Usual disclaimer: I am no lawyer, I don’t give legal advice, bla, bla, bla…)


Thanks Olli, I didn’t know that! :slight_smile:




You almost do seem like one :wink:


You know my DVDDecrypter hangs on many DVD’s. So I move the DVD to another one of my burneres or ROMs and it works. Sometimes it is your drive, invest in a ROM or another burner.

I just picked up an NEC DL multi format burner for $80 today.