New copy protection: Alcatraz

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Submitted by: Mister X
Source: KDG Mediatech

The four copy protection levels of Alcatraz:

Level 1: At the lowest level, the copy protection system developed by kdg acts as a copy…

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OHH i’m sooo scared… How long did it take before the previous protection was cracked? Yes 4 days…
Let’s make a bet… I think 3…

the saddest part is that its not fooling the pirates or hackers, its fooling corporations into buying this crap. when will companies realize that if someone wants it bad enough, they will get it.

Raise your hand if you think this is bullshit!

it’s bull shit,
‘Alcatraz cannot be hacked into using standard software’

there lying out thier ass, same is sade about SafeDisk … CloneCD has no problems. These fuckers are thick, “there is always a way around it if digital”. gonna take so hard to beat the protection; tip - some of these protections can be bypaseed by a memory patcher.

Quote from the site:
“Consequently, the commercially available CD that has been authorised as a legal replication cannot be copied, or only with great difficulty.”

Hehe, as far as I can remember, CloneCD is very user friendly.

Ok did you count my hand.

/me raises his hand

Alcatraz… that name sounds so familiar… anybody knows what/who it is?

Alcatraz is a prison in San Fransico.Didnt some people escape from Alcatraz? so the protection cant be that safe, he he :slight_smile:

raises hand

If they can write it we can re-write it!

raises all four of his hands

‘Alcatraz cannot be hacked into using standard software’

Hahaha, what do they mean with ‘standard software’, notepad ???
And since when are hackers using ‘standard software’???

The number of “hackers” is still a minority compared to the masses. The latter is what they are attempting to stop - the casual reproduction by “Johnny-Hacker”. I know many people that buy a computer for first time, or are basically computer stupid and get a CDR thinking they are so great and their entire scope of software is Adaptec EZ-CD Creator or DirectCD. Plus many “cheap” CDRW drives being sold will not be able to copy protections using CloneCD even if they did discover this in the future. The average person does also not buy new CDRW hardware every few months, nor do they spend all their time thinking or worrying about it like many here do. Also, with versions of CloneCD blacklisting serials, the average person that tries this (the average person will probably not buy CloneCD cuz they are cheap) will get fed up after making a few coasters and think CloneCD does not work and never look at it again… this is what is happening, and you are naive if you do not believe.

“Responses activated by an “illegal” start attempt range from a simple warning message through to a system crash and even right down to re-formatting of the disc drive.”

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, yeah baby, this gives a new dimension to “burn baby” :wink: burn HD burn

I raise both hands

Forgive me if I’m wrong but I swear this type of software is illegal. I’m sure a company is not aloud to deliberately format a harddrive just because they think you are using an illegal CD. What happens if your cd rom drive is having problems reading the CD because it is scratched or something?? Is the program going to format your computer because the CD is unreadable?? This is bull shit. There’s no way they’re going to be aloud to mass produce this kind of “Protection”. It sounds like it was made by the kinds of people who make viruses.

Yeah, and what if you buy an illegal copy in stores. You know, such programs are being copied in mass productions in some countries in the far east. So it’s not impossible that you buy a legal-looking copy. So you don’t suspect anything from legal software and install that crap and boom where’s my HDD? The answer is blowing in the wind and so is my HD Nah, who’s illegal then, the company that erases your disk or you who are using a illegal copy of their program whether you know or not.

Hahaha I would be half tempted to go and make a copy and let it format my HD and then destroy the copy, keep my retail package, take out my burner and sue their asses off.

I raise one hand and one finger to Alcatraz.
The real Alcatraz is a open house now :wink:

one woed (not realy)

The REAL Alcatraz prison island, they said its escape-proof, but some inmates proved these pricks wrong.
Alcatraz the protection, odds are that it might, no WILL be cracked, all levels, no mercy baby.

And this “RE-Formating” thing, can we say “COURT CASE”? I love to see the pissed masses of people who had there HDs wiped clean because there old CD-Rom have problems reading the CD or suffer a lot of spin-downs or something.
Ha ha ha ha ha.

/action Also raising all hands

ehhm…do you even know that CloneCD CAN’T copy this protection…(well level 2 maybe).