New copy protected audio CDs in the UK have major compatibility issues

I just posted the article New copy protected audio CDs in the UK have major compatibility issues.

 Thanks to GristyMcFisty we know, that  last month a new audio copy-protection was introduced to the  UK, which causes major compatibility problems on many CD-Players. Especially car ...
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What holes these people are. If I buy a CD today it should run on my 1st generation CD player that was made in the '80s. Blaming the cd manufactureres for not keeping up with the latest copy protection is bull*. If the player playes every cd tested that conforms to the original CD format then the player works. If new CDs don’t play in the player becuase they have added copy protection then it is the manufacturer of those CDs that are to blame for not testing them on every CD player. I used to listen to music primarily in the car and this would have pissed me off if I still purchased cds.:r [Swearwords edited]
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It’s a farce,if you have a cd player in your car,what you gonna do listen to the radio! We should pass the word around NOT to buy cd’s,downloaders get blamed for sales slumps,copy protection so spread the world and let them see what WILL REALLY HAPPEN when all get downloading. So tell your friends,family anyone to start downloading as much as possible instead of buying cd’s,share,buy a cd bewtween 10 of you and as you have all paid a bit you can all get a copy,DO NOT BUY CD’S ANYMORE unless that cd is copied at least 15 times.(NOTE the term cd’s is not seen anywhere on discs with protection

I’d just like to add there is not copy protection that stops songs being ripped from a cd type disc(they’re careful not to call them cd’s when they have protection!),so rip the songs then reburn and give all your m8’s a copy and tel them to do them same. Tell them you copy is more compatible than the original,which wil be very true for car cd players,lol talk about biting the hand that feeds you.Well done EMI for a major own goal.All this does is drive people to buy their cd’s more compatible(and ALOT cheaper) sources. Keep it up is all I can say,there will never be a copy protection system that cannot be beaten,and people will not allow labels to tell them what they can and can’t listen to their music(which they paid for) on just because the label is paranoid about piracy. The labels have stolen off us for years and now they realise by downloading we can fight and they s*** scared about that,let’s not disapoint them!!!

I never have CD compatibility problems… But then again, I stopped buying CDs when they started crippling them. It really is that simple!

What good is a CD that won’t play anywhere. And why are people still stupid enough to buy them. Just take it back to the store and get your money back. And if they say no, or they say anything about store credit, make it obvious that you’re not leaving until you get it, even if you have to use physical force.

I can only tell people again and again: Please, do not buy copy protected Audio CDs. These are not real Audio CDs. They do not comply to international standards. Nobody can guarantee you, that they will play on the next player you’ll buy in 2 years. If you boycott them, maybe the industry will stop doing this crap.

I went to HMV store today to look at some DVDs…GOD…the place was packed…and every second person in the Q was buying a n Audio CD…The record companies are complaining that the loosing money because of music downloading, and copying. thats why those steps are nessesary…(YEAH…sure instead of billions…they’re making 100s of millions !!). WELL THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT IF THEY CONTINUE TO RELASE CD WHICH DONT WORK…THERE’RE GOING TO BE MORE DOWNLOADING FROM NET !!! It costs them 20-40 pence (UK) to press a CD…and they charging £10-20 for a CD, and expect to pay another £100+ to buy a CD player which the CD will work on !!! I say F * * K THEM !!! BIGpol ITS NOTHING BUT GREED !!!

CD’s aren’t being sold anymore. if a ‘cd player’ wont play it, how can u call it a cd? this is sheer and utter crap

Buy the album,copy it then take it back saying it’s not compatible with your cd player,find one of your players it does not work on or your car cd player this is an ideal opprtunity to really heart these labels in the pocket. If they argue say the goods are faulty as it does not play the important bit is copy it you have bought it at the time you copied it! Most playrs will not play these new protected discs anyway,I recieved one as a gift and it only played on my pc which they are not supposed to do! If they see loads of copy protected cd’s being legitimately returned due to incompatibilty they will either have to stop the protection or sell no albums it’s that simple. Isn’t it actually ironic you have to COPY the album to make it compatible!!! Next they will charge more and include a copy free version along with the copy protected one and charge more money…you wait and see!

Bought a car mp3 player, problem solved!