New copy program "The Cloner" continued

I just posted the article New copy program “The Cloner” continued….

A little while ago we reported about a new copy program called “The Cloner”. interceptor has been so kind to do some tests with the new software. The results weren’t good:

We all know about…

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HORROR-soft it is… Have you seen the layout of this program? Or even worse, their website layout? :r

Actually Blindwrite is also capable of doing 1:1 Backups, if CloneCD also does them …

This program is crap! It killed my Explorer.exe, now I have to reinstall my system! My system is (was) Win 98. This program is crap!

Wooaa ha ha ha… Have you seen the screenshots…?? Its look like it been made in kindergarden Jeeez… :4 :4 :4

Probably why they’re called ‘HorrorSoft’ because their programs are a ‘Nightmare’ to use :slight_smile:

This guy is completely taking the piss. He’s copied the description of the program word-for-word straight from the CloneCD homepage. “The Cloner 3 is a powerful CD copy program. It writes in RAW mode, allowing full control on the written data. Therefore, The Cloner 3 will produce real 1:1 copies of your CDs.” “The Cloner is a CD Replicator. It is no Mastering Software. This simplifies the usage of the program. The Cloner creates working safety backups of every PC-CD.” Sound familiar?! Check: for the original, and: for the cheap copy. Sums up this program altogether.

Dear Users, Thank you for your postings!!!:slight_smile: It’s very instructive for me. Please don’t worry about my software. I’m only one programmer… I have rebuilded SubSonic Reader from 0 to The CloneR 3.0 I like yours user sentences because thank to you i will give my next version more good. At the same time i want to say of i received hundreds of mails with compliments from other users. eheheh if someone don’t like my software then i say: 1 - My new versions will mantain the “Anime” graphic layout. 2 - My new version will ever test devices (If possible more fast) because is the best way to clone disk. 3 - The Cloner 3.0 is now able to clone Safedisk V2 protected cds. If someone cannot it’s because have not a good Hardware. And finally if someone don’t like my software then please unistall it and bye bye. 8) Thank another for those postings. Please post some other if you find something else in my Software. Best Regards. :4 Stefano Camaiani.:7 Programmer and Director of SubSonic Italian Team. :d :d :d

Yes, some phrase may be similar to other sites. eheheh Sorry for this, you must understand of i’m Italian and vmy english is very poor. But a phrase is absolutely mine: Cd-“Duplication finally evolved… …to infinite possibilities.” Sound Good? Stefano Camaiani :7

I can´t uninstall this software because it KILLED MY SYSTEM! Explorer.exe doesn´t work anymore. Also if I´m running Windows Secure Mode the Explorer.exe will crash! I´m sure it was the Cloner or the ASPI Layer it came with it because I didn´t installed other software. Bye bye The Cloner CYA V_Banshee

V-Banshee, i’m really sorry for your problem, but please read this: The Cloner was made by Visual Basic 6.0 SP5(Last Microsoft Software), it use only Microsoft Objects and only a ocx for the Progress bar. The Setup program was builded with the latest Microsoft Installer. The ASPI layer bundled with TheCloneR is a freeware ASPI and you can find it here: and only install the Adaptec ASPI version 4.57.(((Please Note: This ASPI install the drivers only if the user’s computer have an old version or don’t have it. If it find good ASPI drivers it not overwrite it!))). And after no other people have reported this bug. I’m really don’t know the problem, TheCloner don’t touch System Files in any way. I’m really sorry for your problem, but i really don’t know if TheCloner was the cause of this. Please try to unistall it by launching the downloaded file. If you have not unistalled it then the setup program will ask you to remove or to repair. If this don’t work then please try to install a good software like Norton Utilities 2002 or similar to solve the problem. You may find a trial and fully functional version at or Please let me know at or if you like more at and Stefano Camaiani.

Ok, Please V-Banshee try to follow me. You may try to re-install the Microsoft Runtime Library Sp5. You can find it at by typing this serach world: “Visual Basic”. Please download it, only 1024 kb and run. If this don’t work then you may try to check your system by the System Files Check bundled with Win98. Please open the Start menu, goto programs, goto Accessories, goto System Utilities and the select ‘Microsoft System Information’. When opened you may try a sub-menu like ‘Check System Files’ or similar. Launch it and make sure of you have the Win98 disk because if a System File will not be found you need the Win98 Cd to restore it. Please let me know. Stefano Camaiani.

Ok, i want now to reply at Mr. Interceptor!!! Dera Mr. Interceptor i hope you know of Operation FlashPoint was protected with a protection named SafediskV2. To Clone this game the you need to use TheCloner with: 1 - A writer based on Philips hardwares( Not marked Philips, but simple with Philips Hardwares inside it ) 2- This Cd-Writer must support the reading of: RAW+96, CDTEXT, CDG, ISRC, —SUBCODES—! 3 - You must use this Cd-Writer, ( but i think of you have not it) first as reader and then as writer. 4 - You must start the cloned disk directly by this Cd-Writer. And please enjoy the game!:d

Ehh SafeDisc 2 doesn’t need SubChannel Data right SubSonicSoft ? Why do you need a RAW+96 writer ? Maybe we should continue this discussion in our Forum ?

Ok Subsonic I have a Plextor x12x10x32 SCSI and that supports everything. So please don’t offend me with the msg ( but i think of you have not it. I have been into computers 19yrs now OK. This article was for info purposes no intention of upsetting anyone. B.T.W I have been a member of this board for along time now:) and I am far from stupid as you so mildy put it. CloneCD works fine with my Plextor kit, why should I have to buy a philips writer just because you have one. Please grow up, and do not over react again ok :8 Now leave me in peace. Or I will quit this board for good. All Because of your stupidity in your answer. I can’t be doing with peeps that slam you for submitting an article which is based on true facts. Do you really think I just sit here @ my comp and churn out rubbish, think again ok. The Admins/Moderators know me to be a helpful person P.s. I know which games are protected OK, you ever heard of Clony(Protection Scanner) thats for the record. P.S. Thanx goes out too GAM3FR3AK for his support

Yep! I have the same Plex burner as you interceptor and I can make a backup of OP Flash that works in my Ultraplex 40Max CD-ROM, no Philips kit needed at all! BTW, does OP Flast use ATIP checking, cos if it does, it won’t run from the burner?

Hello Web-Junkie. A little question for you. Which reader have you used to do this? And wich burner? In TheCloner are you able to select all reding options or you have just activate the ‘Automating Settings’ switch? I cannot at this tim aswer at your question because i have not find it in my store. I keeped your mail address and i will let you know once i will find the OP Flash game. Best Regards. Stefano Camaiani.

Hello Interceptor, I want to be made excuses with you if me they are not successful to explain well. In no way I wanted to offend to you and probably my most ugly scholastic English is expressed me because of. I hope that you do not anger to you with me for this. I in truth wanted only to say that probably your Writer not support all these requirements. Evidently I mistook myself. Sorry still of the misunderstanding. Now i’m using the translator on-linens of lycos in order writing this message. I hope that I will succeed to express to me better. I want however to specify that many customers have made to know me of being in a position to clone games protect with SafediskV2 and all they use Writers Plextor. Some me also have said that they are able to make to run th game if they make it to leave from the writer. When i referred to Philips Hardware I did not mean Philips’s writers, but simply writers compatible with the standard Philips.(RAW Mode and not Cooked Mode). A last usefull hints: All cds protected and not protected must need SubCodes scanning if they contains AUDIO tracks. Stefano Camaiani.

Within little days(3 or 4) it will be ready the release of TheCloneR 3.0.1 in which: - the users will be able to decide if to install or less drivers the ASPI(Naturally I recommend to install them) - The times of the Test will be faster. - Some new writers will be support to you. - Some bugs of smaller entity will be resolved. You will see that in little time TheCloneR will more and more better and will become a program to the demand for the customers. At least I hope it.

Sorry, I should have ELABORATED more! I used CloneCD with my original game, read it in the Plex CD-ROM and wrote it in the Plexwriter burner! Works perfect! Not tried The Cloner, as CloneCD works for me! Hope that helps ya!