New content protection on the horizon with Microsoft Vista

I just posted the article New content protection on the horizon with Microsoft Vista.

 ZDNet has  put up an  article that says Microsoft is going to prove 

that the PC is a very safe platform for copyrighted content. All it’s going to
take is for everyone and their brother to…

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the perfect father’s day gift!

Well After all this is the much discussed “Palladium” release although not as Effective as Mr.Gates wanted.

sweet, now do they really think medium to advanced computer users are going to buy this, i mean if you break it down into pieces even the novice user will be appalled. good way to shoot oneself in the foot might i add. :B

Considering i still have customers coming in with PC’s that have windows 3.1 on it, are they going to force every single computer owner in the world to upgrade? If that is the case, then people will not adopt this new tech, this new protectionism for the media mafia. If piracy was such a big problem why are they not losing money? They are only bitching cause they are not making as much money as they want to. Heck I don’t paid enough at my job, but that does not mean I sue my employer how pays me.

Yet another good reason not to get Vista and switch to linux :slight_smile:

…and this comes from the same OS company that said their Online LiveUpdate protection system was patched up yet was cracked over and over again each time them dumbnut devs tried to correct it. Sad. Note to companies: DON’T MESS WITH THE WORLD OF COMBINED CODERS - you’ll loose each time. We’re a million+ in numbers, have a passion for the tech (you more or less just take home a paycheck), and work as one mind. You can’t out-smart global creativity and ingenuity. Even some goth cyber-punk in a basement is probably smarter than your best especially when they start networking their schemes together. :d

lol… that is not the only protections that Vista will have as far as I know but it is interesting… DO they really believe that people will buy a new OS and a new monitor to continue watching their DVDs… what they were able to do before without any problem…

I can’t say I am too worried about it. In fact, I am not. When I “buy” my copy of Vista, I will remove the protection from the source of Vista so it won’t even install. For instance, my WinXP install doesn’t even install Security Center (or whatever it is called) or the firewall and lots of other useless shit. I use a program call nLite:

Don’t worry, I will help you patch it up.

What a shame. Adding “features” that none of the end-users or consumers want… :r

I’ll stick with Windows XP.

the way M$ is going to “force” users to install Vista is by cooperation of hardware manufacturers, mainly Intel. They plan to use hardware installed protection on MB and CPUs , that will connect to the so called “Palladium” protection. They were planing to prevent any OS that doesn’t support palladium from even installing on the hardware.

Well luckily AMD (and hopefully the motherboard companies that manufacture for AMD) don’t cooperate with this trusted computing nonsense. The only thing you’ll get is a system that is more expensive and less functional. Intel is just stabbing it’s own customers in the back.

I fail to see why anyone actually NEED Vista ? I meanb the reason for moving from Win98 to Win2K was obiouse - it was unstable , reason for moving from Win2K to WinXP was less obiouse but it had a lot of conviniences … Who need Vista ? What new things it can offer ? A bit different GUI ? a DRM ? - I don’t care about firts and curtenly do not need last …

Sounds to me like a cheap hardware fix will get around this with few problems. All it takes is a bit of hardware you plug into your PC which you then plug whatever you want into. The hardware will just reply “yes I love copy protection and fully support it and I have nothing that can be used to copy anything” every time ‘Vista’ queries it and then just casually passes along the data to whatever feels like asking for it. Mind you, I really am glad I’m starting to learn how to use Linux and its becoming a LOT more GUI based for just average day to day use for home users. MS is really doing a lot to piss off its own customer base, they must really think that people dont have any other choice at all so they can do what they feel like.

AMD is a founding memnber of Trusted Computing Group

Not to mention that the only people who will need the hardware fix will be rippers. Once the file is ripped, it should run fine on an unmodded system.

AMD is a founding memnber of Trusted Computing Group
True, but as of yet I have not heard much from AMD regarding this topic. The trusted computing group is destined to fail, because of the 2 giants AMD and Intel. Intel does everything (with unfair competition) to cross AMD’s path when it comes to processors. In return, AMD keeps sueing Intel. not a very solid base…