New computer

Well, I’m back again. I just installed a new harddrive (maxtor 40 G) and a new video card (Radeon 9200) onto my board (asus p4p800). (This is a new system i am building). After installing Win98 - (yes I know - I need to upgrade my OS too) - anyway, the video card was bad so I swapped in a fairly new GEforce2 440 card. Before Windows finishes booting up I get an error message that says there were problems loading the NDIS device and I have to reboot the system. It boots up into Safe Mode just fine but will not let me boot up into Win 98 normally. I did not install the Nvidia drivers ( I think that is what NDIS is referring to ). I just swapped out the video card. Does anybody have any ideas? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I also found an old card in a P100 system that works but I still get the same error message.

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What is “NDIS”?
NDIS is short for the “Network Driver Interface Specification”. The primary purpose of NDIS is to define a standard API for “Network Interface Cards” (NIC’s). The details of a NIC’s hardware implementation is wrapped by a “Media Access Controller” (MAC) device driver in such a way that all NIC’s for the same media (e.g., Ethernet) can be accessed using a common programming interface.

NDIS also provides a library of functions (sometimes called a “wrapper”) that can be used by MAC drivers as well as higher level protocol drivers (such as TCP/IP). The wrapper functions serve to make development of both MAC and protocol drivers easier as well as to hide (to some extent) platform dependencies.

Early versions of NDIS were jointly developed by Microsoft and the 3Com Corporation. Current NDIS versions used by Windows For Workgroups (WFW), Windows 9X Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are Microsoft proprietary specifications.

Basically the NDIS is network. Nothing to do with the graphics card. At leaat it shouldn’t be. This is why you get the same message when you put in the other graphics card.

I have had this type of error beofre and the only way I have got it to work properly is to reinstall windows.

There maybe other ideas that people will come up with possibly installing network devices and drivers but I found reinstalling windows the easiest and best way of fixing it.

Thanks, I will give it a try. Also, would the drivers that came with the system board work better? :slight_smile: