New computer

Am having a problem with my new computer a Lenovo 2T HD, 12Ram I 7 Cpu. It had originally 1 drive installed , I replaced it with an Optiarc 7200, and added another Optiarc also a 7200, I also added a exterior drive a Lite-On 324A , The computer reads all drives , but Nero Disk Speed only sees the Optiarc 7200, not the other one or the Lite-On, it seems to only see one drive at a time, yet I can put a blank disk in one of the Optiarc drives and a blank disk in thre Lite On and can use Dvd Fab and other programs, yet it will not recognize the two interior drives. Help

What version of Nero Disc Speed are you using?

It’s not typical to have 3 optical drives (2 internal and one external). I would try resetting the m/b bios settings and try different sata ports/cables to see if that reconfigures the drive recognition. Its a foregone conclusion that if the cables aren’t seated correctly that leads to all kinds of problems. There are cables with a “click-in” locking mechanism for a secure fit. Make sure the primary HDD is on the COLOR CODED sata port… usually the first or last numbered one. then put the drives on the first two available ports-- 1 & 2 or 2 & 3.

Another DOH! moment could be jumper settings? I thought since the advent of smarter sata, this was moot, but not necessarily.

FWIW, I haven’t had any issues with 6 or 7 optical drives in a PC with CDSpeed Even when two of them are identical.