New computer virus sends prank messages to mobile phones

From: name-of-infected-user
To: random-name-from-address-book

                Es de todos ya conocido el monopolio de Telefónica pero no tan conocido
                los métodos que utilizó para llegar hasta este punto. En el documento
                adjunto existen opiniones, pruebas y direcciones web con más
                información que demuestran irregularidades en compras de materiales,
                facturas sin proveedores, stock irreal, etc. También habla de las
                extorsiones y favoritismos a empresarios tanto nacionales como
                internacionales. Explica también el por qué del fracaso en Holanda y qué
                hizo para adquirir el portal Lycos. En las direcciones web del documento
                existen temas relacionados para que echéis un vistazo a los comentarios,
                informes, documentos, etc. Como comprenderéis, esto es muy
                importante, y os ruego que reenviéis este correo a vuestros amigos y

                Attachment: TIMOFONICA.TXT.vbs

                The Spanish text speaks critically about the monopoly of the Spanish telecom operator
                Telefonica, and urges users to open the attachment to see more information on the
                subject. It also asks users to forward this e-mail to all their friends. The word
                "Timofonica" itself is a joke on Telefonica word "Timo" means trick in Spanish.

                What makes Timofonica special is that it also sends e-mail messages to an
                E-mail-to-GSM gateway in Spain. As a result, the virus might send this SMS message
                to thousands of random GSM numbers:
                informa que: Telefónica te está engañando.
                This text means "Note: Telefonica is cheating you".

                "This seems to be a political virus", comments Mikko Hypponen, Manager of Anti-Virus
                Research at F-Secure Corporation. "apparently the virus is trying to protest against the
                Telefonica company - and it attempts to do this by sending the message directly to
                people's mobile phones."

                Currently, there's no information on where the virus may have originated from. There are
                no obvious clues in the source code of the virus other than that it's obviously written in

                So far, F-Secure has received reports of this new virus only from Spain. Apparently the
                SMS gateway will only send messages to GSM phones using the Telefonica Movistar
                network, most likely limiting the exposure to Spanish users only.

                "This is the first ever virus to do anything with mobile phones," continues Hypponen.
                "However, this is not a mobile phone virus - it does not spread through phones, it just
                sends annoying message to them."

                F-Secure Corporation launched F-Secure Anti-Virus for WAP Gateways in Febuary 2000
                to protect WAP mobile phone systems against virus attacks.

                A technical description of this virus is available in the F-Secure virus description
                database at: []( 

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