New computer problems



I bought a new computer and the hard drive doesn’t have an operating system on it. I thought I would be able to just pop in my xp disc and it would work but there is no power going to the cd drive. I know I have to load the motherboard drivers also but I can’t do that either. Does anyone know what I should do? please help me :sad:


You need to format the hard drive with one PRIMARY ACTIVE partition. You can use FAT32 or NTFS (better with 60GB or larger hard drive). Boot into the BIOS and set it too boot from the CD ROM. Reboot with WXP installation CD in the DVD ROM.


I can get into the BIOS but it wont boot from anything other then the floppy drive there is nothing else listed.


There should be an option to boot from the DVD ROM. Just modify the boot order. Is the CD/DVD ROM connected to the PC? Can you open/close the drive bay?

Are you saying that the HD and optical drives are NOT detected by the BIOS?


there’s a CDROM connected to the computer at the moment but I can’t open the drive at all.

Yes. Am I doing something wrong?


So both are detected by the BIOS but you cannot eject the DVD ROM, correct? Is the CD ROM connected to the secondary IDE cable? Set the jumper on the CD ROM to cable select. Put the ROM at the END of the Secondary IDE cable. Make sure the other end of the IDE cable is connected to the motherboard. Perhaps you are not sending power to the CD ROM via the plastic connector power plug. Possible bad IDE cable or powersupply.

Also reset the CMOS battery on the motherboard.


the only thing detected by the BIOS is the floppy drive.

this thing is shop bought I didn’t build it so I’d expect everything to be set correctly.


Take it back to the place you bought it and have them fix it or replace it.


You may need to update the BIOS via the floppy drive. These things may not be properly configured at the factory. Common problem with bargain system. You may get another identically configured system if you return the PC.

Got a link to this website? What else in included in this PC?


How would i update the BIOS via the floppy drive?

I’ve used the website before and had no problems.

It’s a complete base unit.


The motherboard’s mfr should provide detailed instruction for BIOS update. If you have NO power to the hard drive and the optical drive, then the BIOS update isn’t going to help. Best advice is to contact the store where you purchased the PC and find out if the PC is set to go right out of the box.


Best I can recommend is to open the case. If the CD-Rom drive doesn’t even eject then it sounds like someone didn’t hook up the power cable from the motherboard to the cd-rom and also potentially the IDE cable to go along with it. These can only go in one so should be easy to hook up if that is the problem - of course, like the others said, this sounds like an unfinished job on the computer that you may want to take it back to them to get it done correctly this time around if you don’t want to try opening the case and doing it yourself.


Ok I contacted them and it was supposed to be set to go straight away. Anyway they came and exchanged it this morning and this one’s working fine. It was something to do with a dodgy power supply. Thanks for all your help guys.