New Computer & New Software

Hey All,

Just had a question, I am about to start building a new computer. I am also tired of scratched software cd’s and want to make a personal copy of them so I can put away my original ones. So here is my question? What software is best for buring copy protected CDs, and what burner is the best.

Now I don’t want the most popular, I want the best for the job. I have heard the Lite-on is probably most popular but the pro’s out there say the Asus is king?!? I have tried CloneCD evaluation and made a lot of coasters, I guess Securom 2.9 is a major pain. I have been reading about Blind Read/Write suite and am more confused.

I am mostly going to burn Game CDs for my personal use, these are ones that I have bought. I don’t really care to copy my DVD’s, still waiting for the standard to figure itself out. Music is not a real big deal, if it copies it copies. I just hate paying $50+ to replace a game that has been scratched.

Thanks in advance for any info.

.: Plextor Premium 52X32X52
.: Alcohol Burning Rom 120%

i personally like plex premium and blindwrite 5 …but hey that is my opinion