New Computer: Burning problem

Just bought a brand new computer from dell with windows vista and am having problems burning dvd’s on it. I installed Nero and DVD shrink. When I installed Nero it said that there are known compatibility issues with this software but I continued the installation anyways. I installed the same version of Nero on my brothers new dell computer and it said the same thing and his works fine. My computer only has one drive so I analyze and encode using shrink and when the tray pops open and asks for a disc i put one in and it just sits there forever checking for a disc. So finally i hit cancel and repeated the process. only this time i had a blank in the tray fromt he start and encoded the movie from the files. When it was done encoding it immediately recognized the disc and as soon as it recognized the disc the tray popped open and i got some error message. Any idea on whats going on. My brother and one of my friends both just got new computers also with Vista and I set them both of to back up their dvd’s and they are not having any problems. I use Tayo Yuden (sp) media and have never had any problems in any drive as far as compatability goes so I dont think that would be the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

listing the drive you have might help your new computer might have a drive that will not work with you dvds but I would think any new dvd burner would work with tys. Also dvd shrink is very old and will not work on most new movies so you should also state what movie you are trying to copy.

The drive in the new dell is TSSTcorp DVD±RW TS-H653B. The movie i was trying to back up is Identity. I took it over to my brothers and backed it up no problem so I dont think it could be a dvd shrink issue because thats what i use there too.

go here and download the free dvdinfo and use it to see if you drive is seeing the media. If it is then I would download another program like clonedvd and anydvd at slysoft and see if they will burn the movie for you if they do then it must be something wrong with the installation of neroor dvd shink… At slysoft you can download clonedvd and anydvd and use it for 15 days free.

21 days i believe.

was not sure about the days thanks

Im running windows vist ultmate and had the same problem. What version of nero are u using? If its nero 7 the ultmate package it will not work. Try reinstalling nero, if all else fails just use roxio that came with the computer. The only thing diffrent u will have to do is use shrink to encode then open roxio and select the app. dir. where u saved the image to and use roxio to burn. Works just as well, i had to do the same thing until i got nero 7 iss. the one they give out with the burners, I have the same burner as u. Never had any problem after installing nero. What version of shrink are u using?

DVD Shrink 3.2 and nero 6.6

I also just installed the roxio that came with the computer and i must be missing something. I have the files for the movie saved onto my desktop in a folder called identity but cant figure out how to open them with roxio to try burning.

Nero 6.xxxxxxx will not work with Vista 64.

are there different versions of vista? I ordered two Nero disks at the same time, same version of nero and installed one on my friends new computer that has vista and his works fine.