New company offers sneak peak of its NetDVD technology

I just posted the article New company offers sneak peak of its NetDVD technology.

The company Media and Inc (Yes that’s their name) has issued a press release about their new technology.

According to their press-release they believe they have the best…

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So this extrodinary process is by taking advantage of home users’ computers and the bandwidth that home user also pocesses? Wow what a concept, never heard of that one before, except maybe BDE? :r So now I am paying to watch a web stream of something and also serving to other people at the same time. So they are making twice the money off of me :frowning:

What is the download speed needed for this? I doubt it will work for 56k users!

Yeah. If I’m paying for a webstream, it’d better be fast, and it’d better be dedicated servers. If I want P2P I will get it free, I’m not wasting my bandwidth because some company is too lazy to buy bandwidth. Unless of course I get payed for the bandwidth downloaded off of me. that might have some potential.