New comp, need suggestion for new burner, my reqs inside

I’m looking for a new burner to put in my recently purchased computer. The past 2 burners I’ve owned have been Sony burners. The last one was a DRU-710A. I am very happy with it, in terms of performance. While I have no brand preference or loyalty, I do NOT want to give Sony any more of my money (SecuROM got on my last nerve and did a little jig on it).
So, what would you guys suggest for a new burner?

I mostly burn DL DVD+Rs (Verbatim) and CD-Rs (Kodak gold/silver). Those 2 make up about 90% of my burns. The other 10% is DVD+R, DVD RW, CD-RW. I also backup (rip) DVD movies (2-sided DL, DL, 2-sided SL, etc.) and music CDs. I’d prefer a burner where I can change the bit setting/book type. My price range is up to $50 CDN, and it needs to be a SATA drive. Again, the only brand preference is NO Sony under any circumstances. I think the last drive I had was a rebadged LiteOn anyway.

Looking at these forums, and the main site, it seems Pioneer and Samsung lead the way?
I’d appreciate any suggestions.

The older Pioneer DVR-215 is better than the newer DVR-216 (burn quality-wise), the new 22x Samsungs are a joke (but the 20x SATA units are good). You might want to look at a newer breed of Sonys, the Sony/NEC/Optiarc-made AD-7200S/7201S/7203S (or Sony DRU-V200S/V201S/V203S) which provides good burns across the board. The new LiteOn iHAS422 are interesting feature-wise, and provide the best balance of useability in a single drive (rips fast, reads well, easy to bitset and has scanning support) - but it is the poorest quality burner of those mentioned.

For your purposes, I’d suggest that particular Sony/NEC/Optiarc unit, which you might not want (but many other members do). The Pioneer may be a little too picky as a reader (as with all Pioneer drives), the Samsung SH-S203 series is also good overall (great burner and reader) but may be hard to find since it’s been superseded by 22x models (again, those suck). The iHAS422 has great features but doesn’t provide the best burns. Take your pick. :wink: