New comer question on 1620 Pro

Just got BENQ 1620 pro iwth T9 firmware, the reading speed and ability to read from bad quality DVD impress me, some are just waiting for dump.
Having read several thread here, just got several questions.

  1. Is there any place I can got a firmware that have all need patch, speed,
    writing method, media code, region code…

  2. Will I be downgrade to non-Pro version when I flashed with the new

  3. Should I import the media code mapping from 3520a into 1620 pro, are
    they compatible?

    I have install NEC 3520a, BENQ 1620 pro, pioneer 117 DVD-ROM, just send out pioneer A09, LG 4163b. For overall function, read, write… BENQ come first.
    I just love it.

answer to question #1
Please read other forum threads this has been covered 1000 times :stuck_out_tongue:

answer to question #2

answer to question #3
Only if you don’t want your BenQ to ever work again. They’re not even the same hardware.

why would you want to swap the fw with an NEC drive? Thats the most ridiculous thing Ive heard here in a long time. Why not just buy an NEC3520, if you want it s writing strategy?

Just import the “media code mapping” from 3520a into 1620 pro, not the whole firmware in order to save time on founding all the writing method change to get hi-quality overspped writing of 4x/8x to 12/x-16x. Of course they are not hardware compatible and that’s no point to swap them. That’s the same question as “Can I plug an AMD CPU into Intel MB?”. Since the media code mapping is working and close to perfect in my 3520a, so I just got the idea why not import the media code mapping into other drive to got the smiliar good results.

No Zlab all drives map media codes differently in fw It wont work. In fact it might fry your drive.

You can try that. You can swap strats with the tool in my sig for BenQ’s. In fact i’ve used a few of Dee-27’s NEC swaps in my BenQ f/w.


I think what he means is take actual code out of nec and paste it in the BenQ strat media tables, now maybe im wrong I sure hope so. because im sure this would not work, but if you mean just say swap YUDEN-T02 strat with YUDEN-T03 Im sure using your tool this is do-able, but not taking strat data from nec and pasting it into the benQ fw code and all.

hmmm Not sure what they want to do. But KenW is right if that answers your question. NEC and BenQ f/w’s are completely different so i’ve been told. Use the tool to swap strats if you want to.

Thanks all for yr experinence, I know that the format of the strag. table may be different. I mean just copy the mapping and type in the firmware editing tools, of course not “copy & paste”, I hv to use my brain & own fingers for this translation. May I ask for yr experence of the writing strag. is compatible over different brand of DVD-write, at the end they hv to various the laser power & speed on different predefine zone, so once found the best strag, it should be universal compatible. Something like mathematic induction…

Uhm, why would you mimmick the 3500 and 3520 write strategies in the first place? I’ve found the BenQ DW1620 does just as good or better on many media types compared to the newer NEC drives. The last great drive NEC had was the 2500A, I don’t know if the new NEC drives can even compare to it. I’d much rather have my stock BenQ compared to a modified NEC 3500/3520 any day of the week.

Yes, U r right, I just too lazy to collect all the modify write strat. over the forum, I hv to read thousand of them and then compiled as one, is there any already made list? Someone must be done it b4. Please just let me hv one if anyone kind enouh to send me such list or even better a well-mod firmware.
BTW, I still hv a 2500 mod to 2510a on another computer still working. Writing is good, but it can’t even read back what it just write… It behave just like my gran-pa that never remeber what he just say… 3520a is better, it can read what it write at about max 12x, but not other, it just ignor almost what I insert.
It behave just like my mum that just remeber what she said, but never listen or remeber what I hv say.


I personally only believe in stock fw, I dont like to edit any fw, but lots of people do, as to if one strat will work well on two different drives, I have no clue. I would think there would be some random-ness here, but anything could happen, the only way to know is try it.

I got yr point, the stock firmware sure make it work ( most of the case ) but tweat one make it work better (hopefully) that’s why overlocking is all-round. I also like over-speed writing that save small piece my life. I would rather take the saved time to fool around downtown.

…Nope, I’m still confused. scratches his head I’m really trying to figure out the problem or issue here… BenQ supports a lot of media in terms of overspeeding already. Some media I don’t recommend overspeeding and some media can only use overspeeding to some extent. If you want to overspeed then buy Taiyo Yuden Made In Japan media of either the 8x DVD-R (TYG02’s) or 8x DVD+R (Yuden000 T02’s) and most of their batches can provide very nice results at 16x and if it’s a not-so-good batch it should still burn fine under 12x. sigh Otherwise, I just don’t know what else to add.

I totally agree with u, I live in HK which not able to access all the media discuss here.
I’m now using some named “Verb…” DVD-R 4x TYG01 code, It is able to write perfectly on 3520a @12x for whatever reason, when I insert into my 1620 Pro with official firmware, it is just able to go 4x, I was wounder where I could found tweat firmware on 1620 Pro to do just the same. Some media here even not able to write stably in it’s rated speed (4x) with Code TYG02.

I’d bet that if they are TYG02 and can’t write well, that they are FAKE TY. Fake media codes do exist, and they probably won’t be disappearing anytime soon sadly.

  • Ma Jie

Bingo, they must be a fake one, 8x price is rougly 1.5 times of 4x, so 4x is still very popular. HK is famous by it pirate software. In the recently years, I seldom do such thing, I just copy the pirate one, lol …

Oh, I know. I have many native HK friends @ university, and they say piracy is rampant in HK.

How much does authentic media go for over there? Like the Verbatims you use?





TYG02 16x,12x,8x,4x,2x

That came from B7T9 write strats, there must be something else going on with your drive or computer or the media.