New Combo drive - LITEON or BTC? (48161H or BCO5216M)

My cd-rw dvd combo hit the bucket the other day and im wanting to buy a new one from this site… I want a combo one again and have decided its between the LITEON 48161H and the BCO 5216IM.

Since both are basically the same price i was wondering which i should go for. I saw a few very good reviews for the LITEON (both 10 out of 10) but havnt seen anything about the BTC. I think i read somewhere that the BTC uses the same chip as LITEON so maybe theyre bscailly the same but i’d like to know your opinions all the same…

I’m bothered about the burning feature more than anything else. I had a lot of trouble with my previous writer and it would be great to have a nice reliable one this time.

Also i notice there is the same BTC model but with a 7 in one card reader on the same page and i wondered if this likely to be the only update on it or are there other improvements that merit the £10 price difference.

thanks very much for any correspondence