New codecs?



I have the mediagate 350HD and when I use the mp4 option the video does not display on the player. When I use the xvid/avi option if I fast forward the screen freezes and when it finally catches up the video and audio get out of sync. I thought it was just the device, but when I tried FF’ding in windows media player the same thing happens.

Is there a way to update the codecs the software uses… or get different ones… as the current options seem to not work very well.?


The player codec recommended by the program’s author is ffdshow. Here is a link to his post. It has a link to download ffdshow. I have been using it for several months. It fixed most of the A/V sync issues, but FF/RW still a problem. Replacing the codecs in DVDFab might be possible but would probably require reworking all the profiles. Sorry I have no better answer. If you find one elsewhere, please post it here.


whatever codec the win32 version of handbrake uses… seems to work pretty good… FF/RW works perfectly and the files play on my PC and mediagate just fine.

the problem is that you first need to decrypt it on another app then encode… the whole process is a bit cumbersome which is why I purchased DVD FAB in the first place… it seemed like the perfect app…

it rips DVDs prettty good … but its encoding leaves much to be desired…

anyways… thanks for the tip… I will try what you suggested.



I think your problem is not caused by the codec which DVDFab using.

What player is your using ? Please try Media Player Classic or VLC to play it.

What size of your created avi file ?



vista’s windows media player 11 >> once you FF the sound goes away on avi/mp3/generic rips

mediagate 350HD >> the second you FF/RW the screen freezes… for several seconds once playback resumes the audio/video is out of sync.

truth be told I have no idea what it is…

I just installed a new fireware on the mediagate and the avis perform better now… but there is still a bit of a sync issue if I perform anything higher than an 4 X FF.

the size of my avis generally run in the 1.5 - 2 GB range