New code from Sony?

I am attempting to back up a copy of Marie Antoinette and it just will not take .This is a first for me using DVDFab Platinum. Any suggestions. :sad: :sad:

It would help if you let us know what kind of problems you were having like error codes & ect. I just backed up that movie yesterday with Plat V and had no problems using verbatim blanks.

Hi Jim, Thanks for the response. I think I got it working, loaded the new update and so far so good.I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Tim I’m glad you got it working and welcome to the forum, if you ever have any problems just pop in and let us know what they are and I am sure this GREAT BUNCH of guys in here will be able to help you out. I am sure you will love FAB just like the rest of us once you get used to it.

The new version of Fab should back that movie up just fine. It did for me also Tim. If not, we’ll get cracken on it ~ Mike