New CMC Die still not supported 112d

Had a batch of disks a month ago to back up some data on a 112D FW 1.22 ,
Media Code : CMC MAG D03

ImgBurn will report the disk as empty and show the MC as CMC MAG D03,
but just get power calibration errors when trying to burn.

Just updated to FW 1.24 and still the drive wont burn them.

Anyone else tried this Die with a 112 ?

@ xaudiox,

The CMC MAG D03 MID IS included in Pioneer DVR-112D v1.09/1.15/1.21/1.22/1.24 Firmwares at 2.4x/4x/6x/8x speeds. Just because the CMC MAG D03 MID is included in the Pioneer DVR-112D Firmwares doesn’t mean that CMC MAG D03 Media produces quality error free results.

Historically CMC DL Media hasn’t been a stellar performer and because of CMC DL Media poor quality problematic performance many knowledgeable informed users avoid CMC DL Media. If you desire consistent quality error free DL Media performance suggest using known proven quality Verbatim MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media.


Sorry bjkg, my error, the MID is CMC MAG-D04-00 (ImgBurn reports as 2.4x only)
Its not in any 112 firmware , i am a bit dissapionted FW1.24 does not include it as the MID has been around a while now.

(CMC MAG D03 works fine)

CMC MAG-D04-00 media is still rare.
Very good burns with my 110 and 111 burners.

What is the brand of your media, [B]xaudiox[/B]?

[QUOTE=chef;1951471]What is the brand of your media, [B]xaudiox[/B]?[/QUOTE]

Datawrite Titanium , usually CMC MAG D03 but now always D04
They are a very cheap disc , but have served me well for data DVD’s untill now !!

Mine here are too Datawrite Titanium (2.4x rated, kinda grey top).

The code on the inner ring (underside) says: [B]CPDR85F-CDEWIPF01-001 0403[/B]. The plastic ring (surface) holds that info: [B]IPRH6O3KH3OO13168 16B[/B].

CPDR85F-CDEWIPF01-001 0403 is the same here , could not read the other , god you got good eyes :eek:

Use MCSE :iagree:

[QUOTE=jcusimano2;1952870]Use MCSE :iagree:[/QUOTE]

Didn’t work for me, sadly. DL is different. :wink: