New ClonyXXL version will be available in two or three days

I just posted the article New ClonyXXL version will be available in two or three days.

A while ago we reported that the popular copy-protection scanner, ClonyXXL, had been continued again. On the ClonyXXL homepage we can now read some of the changes this new version will have. This…

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Sod it… might as well just wait for the built in one that Blindwrite in incorporating :4

For those who don’t know what I’m on about - check this: Quote: This is a recommended update, several new versions will be published in the next days. Each version will introduce new feature. We are working on a “clony xxl” alternative.

Who gives a shit about this new version !! i wanna see in its features :ENGLISH LANG ADDED or the alternatives comming out… :r

ommited clonecd support :frowning: and info on copy protection. these are my two fav.'s say it isn’t so, say it isn’t so. :frowning: :C

Too right Stiggy I am also waiting for the BlindWrite team too put the clony scanner in and let it choose the right settings and off it goes. Besides CloneCD is not number 1 anymore, and I praise Blindsuite team for bringing us the best cdr package ever made. The only one too cope with the new SD2 and SecureRom New protection without the need for an emulator too run them :wink: Greets as usual too the CD Freaks team :8 @ceminess CloneCD has had its day. So don’t panic about it being ommited. Remember this well there is always someone out there too take advantage!

I reckon good ole Olli will pull through. There is nothing wrong with a bit of competition it can only aid the battle against the copy protections. Keep 'em coming guys - I reckon if Olli put some sort of cd making into CloneCD (I know it would no longer be “Clone”) and addressed these current protections with a easy GUI (like the current one) the all in one package would be nigh.

I really appreciate ClonyXXL, but i do wonder what the author has against english speaking people. Many people have offered to translate the software for him, but still he insists on adding protection to the executable to prevent people from hacking it - changing the text etc…

i do not think clonecd has had its day. i thinks olli has something planned, and will surprise all of us. he will pull through