New Clony is messed up

I have the new clony and it is all messed up reading audio cd’s. With the last version it would read them right and say no protection on my unprotected cd’s, now the new one can’t read the same unprotected cd’s and says unknown audio protection and gives 5 skulls. I know for a fact that these (original cd’s too) are not copy protected. Why is this happening?

Personally I havent had that sort of problem with the versions I run of Clonny cause I have 2 why?? just to check the protections
see how difrent versions read them and they do vary altho not like you I get difrences like save disk ver 2.51 and then on the other newer eversion get like save disk 2. 7 for example
the clonny XXL versions are : replays safedisk 2.7 and the older version 2.0.06 replays Safedisk 2.51 the game tested was Mafia disk 1…

That reminds me have to look for a ne version of clonny

seeing as how safedisc 2.7 wasnt around for clony, its not suprising it reports the last safedisc version it knows ;). i’ll have to download those later, and see which reports what, or if it really is buggy.

I have the new clony and it is all messed up reading audio cd’s.

I think you are right. I had different results from the current and previous clonny version on a copy protected audio cd :frowning: .