New CloneDVD2&AnyDVD users: about program

hi everyone,
i’m a new users of this 2 program and i come from DVDShrink and Nero to Rip & Birn.

I have many question, but i create 2 indipendent Thread because i have different type question :slight_smile:

I’m studing CloneDVD2 and i have found more information, what i didn’t still find is the possibility to compress in different rate the dfferent track of DVD.

With DVDShirnk i was able to compress in different way main movie, extra,traler,etc in order to preserve best quality to movie.

How i can do this with CloneDVD2?

I find and find this option but i miss it :slight_smile:


sorry for my english…do you understand my question? i hope yes :wink:


Sorry, you can’t. CloneDVD selects optimum compression rates automatically.

Ok no problem.
I hope in next release this functionality will be available…

but is possible to know compression rate for each title?


No, this is not possible (unless you can analyse CloneDVD’s debug logs…)


i will trust :bow: in CloneDVD totally!!! :bigsmile:

Thanks to all