New CloneDVD version released, several bugs fixed

I just posted the article New CloneDVD version released, several bugs fixed.

Via our CloneDVD Forum, Olli, creator of the CloneDVD
software, lets us know that he has released a new version.
This latest version has the following changelog:CloneDVD

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Cannot wait to use this program, Just waiting for the LiteOn DVD burners to come out and it is DVD movie Backup Heaven.

The LiteOn DvD burners are out. You can buy them online for 285 dollars.

Where??? for real?

K, found them, that is awesome. Does anyone have one of these? the Dual 4X DVD burners just wondering.
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the current LiteOn is a rebaged Sony… the real 4X Liteon is due soon, and as stated in the news from the other day, a 8X from LiteOn is due sometime Q4

It’s been ‘DVD movie Backup Heaven’ for half a year with my Sony DRU-500a and programs like DVD2One…