New CloneCD version



I just posted the article New CloneCD version.

Elaborate-bytes released again a new version of CloneCD. This time the improvements are:

Compatibility fixes:

  • CloneCD.vxd rewritten. It now hooks into the system in a more conservative way,…
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new keycodes too, i bet!


I want to buy CloneCd but could someone explain why you only get updates for a year. What do you do after the year is up? Do you have to spend another $69 to have it for another year? I am totally confused. It is a great program and am wanting to support it.


Warning on installing latest version of CloneCd with stolen or hacked keycodes! You’ll get into big troubles for sure coz the program has a backdoor who forces you to format your HD’s at the reboot! You’re warned!


I really need a serial for Clone-CD!!!

I can’t find it anywhere!




cd clone are can i please get the serial… if can