New CloneCD Version released!



Hi there!

Just a couple minutes ago the latest version of CloneCD was uploaded at

Checked it out already - Real improvements this time: Readouts of 'bad sector protected' CDs are MUCHO faster now with the Toshiba XM-6702B (and probably all other Toshs). For example 'Driver': With v2.2.1.1 image was read out in approx. 13 min (Tosh 6702), now w/ v2.3.1.1 in ca. 10 min.

Other changes - as usual, see Clone website.

Oh, and yes, guess what? Right: The "Ajays" key is blacklisted. ;o)


Yes, it looks better once again, howevver now I’m really looking forward to version 3, that one is going to kick ass!!