New CloneCD - Verdict - Should I Buy



Slysoft have just offered me the latest version of CloneCD ( but I notice that my licence does not allow me to upgrade without re-purchase. They have offered me a $15 rebate which makes the price attractive.

Thing is I had more or less given up with backups as CloneCD was failing almost 100% with the latest titles.

So my question … is the new version worth it or should I spend my money elsewhere ? The release notes say that it can now do Safedisc 3 - is this true in reality and I assume that it still can’t do securerom.

I have a LiteOn 2 sheep burner.




Download the latest demos from alcohol120, blindwrite, and clonecd.

Do some testings and buy what you like the most.

I heard that some should be able to copy securom protected cd´s too :wink:


I own an older version of CloneCD and I’m going to wait to see if progress is made in the Securom area before I buy again. I still love the interface the best out of all of them and I still use my old version for backing up my audio CD’s.


i think at the moment alcohol 120% can do the most new protections, however clonecd and twinpeak can do the new securom without any problems.

ben :slight_smile: