*new* CloneCD is out!

Hi @ll,

Time for a CloneCD update :slight_smile:

Revision History

Version 2002 12 02

  • Added Emulation of weak sectors
  • Added Emulation of Digital Signatures in Subchannel Data
  • With weak sector emulation and Digital Signature emulation you don’t need to care about the capabilities of your reader or writer!
  • Copy protections with weak sectors can be copied with any writer!
  • Copy protections using subchannel data can be copied with any reader! There is no need for reading subchannel data anymore!
  • Added display of weak sectors in Logbook
  • Added “Protected PC Game” Emulation profile
  • Majorly improved Hide CDR Media
  • Added Emulation of weak sectors to Hide CDR Media
  • Added Emulation of digital signature in subchannel data to Hide CDR Media
  • Pop-up help no longer uses HTML Help, because it seems to be broken in Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3
  • Internet Explorer no longer needs to be installed for Pop-up help to work
  • Removed “TOC Adjustment” Dialog which only confused users of TwinPeaks. CloneCD will now decide what to do automatically
  • Added support for foreign codepages in Virtual CloneDrive settings in CloneCDTray
  • Changed Virtual CloneDrive to cause less conflicts with broken SCSI Adapter drivers
  • Fixed bug in Virtual CloneDrive which caused a conflict with Intel Application Acceleration Drivers (or other 3rd party drivers)
  • Reduced Memory fragmentation in Virtual CloneDrive (Windows NT/2000/XP)
  • Reduced Memory and CPU use in ElbyCDIO (Windows 2000/XP)
  • Hopefully solved possible hang after operation on Windows 9X/ME
  • Changed Audio profile to not read subchannel data anymore. This speeds up reading with many drives and might give better results
  • Updated language files: Russian, Catalan, Czech, Greek, French, Macedonian, Norge, Polish, Turkish and others
  • Added ElbyCDIO Control program to set ElbyCDIO default behaviour

Get it at www.elby.ch!!

Regards, sven

cool :bow:

lets do some tests

Also posted on our newspage:


I have the feeling this is some kind of revolutionary…

First sorry for my English :slight_smile: . Is this version able to copy SecuromNEW v4 ??? Or I must use TwinPeaks??? Thanx for answer.


the new improvements look very good !
But do I need the Hide " CDR-Media " option or any other
kind of tweak software from CloneCd to play the games ?


Added Emulation of weak sectors -> Needs “Hide-CDR Media ???”

Thx for Info :wink:


I’ve run a quick test run to check out the new features. Looks promising.

One thing though, in the manual it shows a new screen for ‘write settings’ which includes amplify/emulate/ignore weak settings. All I get in my write settings file is the "old’ tab and not this new one. My writer is identified correctly (plex24) but under settings it’s just the old window.

Am I missing something here?

Hi there… just tried ut2003 (with patch 2136)
Read with “Protectet cd” and played with clonedrive
Burned with “Protectet cd” but not playable from any of my drives.

Was able to burn and play with blindwrite and teabeggers (i think) bwa file

My Reader/writer

Pioneer 107r

i used the new ver of ccd to copy the new securom protected arx fatalis and nolf2 and the only thing i got were coasters
i used many variations of the ccd settings and my hw is a lite-on 48125w so i am pretty sure the fault is not mine

thanx olli but no thanx i thought clonecd was the best solution for copying eveyrthing but now it seems blindwrite is the only choice

Ok, forget it… it was me imagining things.

When you check the writer profile without dics you get the old window, but when you check the writing profile you get the new one. I mistook the device settings for the writing profile settings.

My bad :o

Let’s see if it does Safedisc and Securom and then it’s just waiting for a one-button solution…(no more hassle with profiles):bigsmile: .

I tried UK version UT2k3 and still no joy with CCD. I think CloneCD is an amazing piece of software that changed the way we back up games but I think Blindread/write is now the way forward for 1:1 images.

Sorry Ollie :confused:

Everybody here are blaiming that CCD is not working.

But as far as I know this version fix the Safedisk issues and not Securom!

Then, please stop complaining and test if Safedisk is defeated in all drivers!!!

hehe… it’s quite funny how quick people are to dismiss a programmers skills and his/her software just because s/he doesn’t release the newest features first but rather takes her/his time, tests it and makes sure s/he get’s it right.

A while back there was nothing but praise for Olli and his work now, more often there are a lot of people who seem to suggst he isn’t quite as great as they were toting a while back. But do they really think Olli is less skilled at programming, knows less about protections and the functioning of cd/dvd burning now then he did when CloneCD was one of the only products of it’s kind a while back!? I hope they don’t as that would be rather foolish. Does it mean CloneCD (and Olli as they have really become the same entity on the net) is slipping just because Olli takes a bit more time to test and perfect the software. Obviously not.

During all the time I have used CloneCD not once have I run into any serious bug (and for all that I can recollect no small ones either) nor have I ever, as far as I remember, been frustrated by the amount of time it has taken before an aknowleged bug has been fixed. To be honest CloneCD is one of the most stable products I have tried, all categories…

Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy the “newer” alternatives to CloneCD (I own in total six diffirent burning apps including Alcohol, FantomCD [boy was that a mistake] and Nero) and I think it’s a good thing with a little/lot competition. It’s just I find it rather funny how people are so quick to dismiss a product (and even more so the programmer assumed knowledge) simply because it’s not ‘hip’ right now :). Oh well at least I get some laughs… Btw the new CloneCD sounds promising.

// swede_242

To swede_242:

Don’t get me wrong - I too have always liked clonecd over blindwrite (etc.). I just commentet how it worked with my system and UT2003 since sooooo many people have problems with this game (securom new). I remember the time when safedisc 2 came, and my plextor didn’t work - clonecd came with aws… great!

And yes - it works with safedisc 2.70.30 - don’t own any 2.8…

Greats to Olli (and the rest of the clonecd team) - for yet another great release


is for laughs it has already been defeated from the other programs already-securom new is the most hot copy protection at the moment.its very difficult to bypass it 100% and is largely used in many games-i was hoping olli would find a final solution for this but maybe next time… :frowning:

Jaxman that’s why u have to use the TwinPeak v.0.2 & CloneCD in order to backup a Securom new game correctly!


He will, just not yesterday. We make it sound like it should be a cinch to break new copy protections. The guys making those protections are professionals as well (unfortunately)…

Originally posted by Riko
First sorry for my English :slight_smile: . Is this version able to copy SecuromNEW v4 ??? Or I must use TwinPeaks??? Thanx for answer.

As physical layout isn’t emulated yet by HideCDR, SecuROM “SuperNew”, ProtectCD5 and StarForce won’t work yet.

I have saved the fun for a future (maybe the next?) release.



interesting post Olli…time will tell !!

Hope CloneCD has something a little special up its sleeve!

Copies of sd2.51 and up made with my plex 24x & 40x still fail in my toshiba sdm1401 scsi :frowning: (using the emulation of weak sectors)
But they work well in my liteon cdrw.
I suppose that old toshiba devices are special cases to copy
safedisk 2.5xxx amplifying or emulating weak sectors with any cd-recording tool. But I am happy with the change in this version.
Good work