New CloneCD Beta

I just posted the article New CloneCD Beta.

BJC1 used our newssubmit to tell us, that a new version of CloneCD is available. This time it is called version

Version 16 May 2001 (5th public beta release)


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anyone knows if the laserlock-bug with certain titles like Desperado has been fixed? Olli said in the forums that this was a CloneCD bug…

Hi, this may be a dumb question, but I’ve recently installed Win 2000, but everytime I try to burn cd’s, I get an error message, something about Windows 2000 is missing the ASPI drivers. I’ve tried some Adaptec drivers, but they don’t seem to work! Does anyone know which drivers I need? I have a Tekram SCSI controller and a Plextor 4220T. Sorry, but I did’nt know elsewhere to post my question!

Kegu, Win 2000 doesn’t come with ASPI drivers like win 98 does. You will either have to install an Adaptec product, like Easy Coaster Maker, or find a copy of Force Aspi. Which will install your drivers for you without having to install an Adaptec product that you don’t want, and wont use. Cheers

You can perhaps better ask your question about ASPI drivers at our forum. Perhaps even try the search function first to see if your question has not alread been answered in a previous posting. ps the forum rox! :wink:

to Kegu: I have dispatched an E-Mail to you with a link to the ASPI-Drivers. :slight_smile:

Thank you, fordprefect and fimmwolf! I Really appreciate your help! Wow, people sure are nice in here!!